Wednesday, January 8, 2014

High Chair Owners

We took the plunge and bought a high chair last weekend.
I had some Babies 'R Us gift cards so we headed there to check them out.  I'd done a little pre-shopping on-line but it was kind of overwhelming.  I'm new to the high chair game so I had a hard time figuring out what would be a good high chair from just seeing pictures.

I had a few requirements:
it had to be neutral-ish
easy to clean
space saving/fold up if needed
5 point straps
tray that could be attached/detached with one hand
comfy for Olive

We got to the high chair aisle and started looking them over.  I saw a few that I liked the looks of right away and some that I could eliminate.  I probably would have just picked one from the looks of it but my practical husband suggested we have Olive try them out.  We carefully sat her in a few of our favorites and good thing we did!  I realized that some of the belts and buckles were nearly impossible to connect, the trays were awkward or that she looked really uncomfortable in them.  We were able to narrow it down to two favorites and we ended up going with this Graco one:

Graco Slim Spaces High Chair in Caraway

We ALL love it and it's working out so well for us.  It's so nice to have her up at our level when we eat and she's pleased as punch to eat, play with her toys and enjoy the view.
Another bonus: no assembly required!  You just pull it out of the box :)
Just in case you needed proof that Olive loves it too...

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  1. She is adorable! We don't have kids yet but we've been in Babies R Us to get my nephew gifts and that place on it's own is overwhelming! Glad you found something you all love :)


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