Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Inexpensive Custom Art

I'm working hard to add custom art pieces to our house without spending a fortune.  It makes everything feel homey and special.  And I love knowing that no one else has art exactly like mine.  These things aren't sold in bulk at Target or Hobby Lobby.  And things that can't be linked on Amazon.  They're collected treasures that I've added to our home over the years.

I like to frame kid art, have seasonal pictures on display and frame neat things like postcards or pictures that capture some of our favorite moments.

Fletcher brought home this rainbow from school last week.  He said he knew how much our family loved rainbows so he painted me one in his free time.  It was really sweet.  This art was free and a little bit of a unique size 6x9.  I found this magnetic frame at HomeGoods for $16.99.  I don't love to spend that much on a smaller frame, but given the unique size and cool frame, I went with it.  I trimmed the art down to 6x8 and it looks so good in the frame.  I had Fletcher sign it and date the back.  He loves seeing it on our family room shelves.

This was my Thanksgiving gift from Fletcher in Kindergarten.  I loved it so much that I framed it.  I just grabbed an inexpensive 8x10 frame from Walmart and look forward to decorating with it every November.  I love when teachers take the time to do special art for parents.

We found this leaf on a walk a few weeks ago.  It was perfect so we saved it, framed it and it will remind us of our first Fall in Evansville.  I already had the paper and the frame so it was free project.  I don't know that this will last forever, but it's fun for now.

I try to print a few favorite pictures from the season and frame them.  I have a pair of Fall pictures of the big kids playing in the leaves from our last house.  They are really sweet.

Olive painted me this lemon one day with art supplies we already had on hand.  I got a frame for under $10 and it's on display in my lemon laundry room.  My mom also painted that sweet floral heart hook.  Then I've got a basket from Aldi and a You are my Sunshine sign that I need Kevin to hang behind it.  I love the mix of one of a kind pieces with things from home stores.

Framing favorite moments.

I framed this stormy sunset picture of my whole family at Fort Myers beach this past Summer.  I love it!  And it also tugs at my heart strings because many of the spots we visited are no longer there.  The condo is in disrepair and all of the restaurants/shopping nearby that we enjoyed are gone after Hurricane Ian :(

Kevin and I went on many road trips together before we had kids.  The bottom framed picture is one that I snapped as we were leaving a wonderful weekend in Wyoming.  We love that area and both love this photo so much.  If you've never been to Wyoming, add the Jackson Hole/Teton are to

Both were HomeGoods frames and I love having these moments on display.

Do you have any unique or custom art work in your home?


  1. I need to do more of adding things to our walls! Especially in our bedroom. I absolutely love that you frame your kids art-work. That is so special and priceless! And I bet it fills up their cup more than you'll every know to see that you cherished something they made so much that you framed it and hung it on the wall. Your kiddos are quite the little artists! I love it.

  2. I just saw a friend talk about dipping leaves in wax so she could mail them to a relative in a nursing home. I don't know any details but maybe something like that would work to save pretty leaves like that!


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