Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Birthday Recap

My birthday was lots of fun!  I hope and pray that year 41 is going to be WONDERFUL.  We spread out festivities throughout the whole week and still have a few more friend gatherings to look forward to before November is done.

Kevin picked up a DQ ice cream cake and it was so good.  I usually go for cheesecake, but this year I picked desserts that I knew the kids would also enjoy.  Can you tell that we're fully embracing all the purple in our lives with Kevin's new job!?  We barely owned any purple before this last year.  I hope that Kevin feels loved and supported with all of our school spirit :)

I got some really fun presents from family and friends.  I've always wanted this Beautiful Boards book!  I got some special deliveries all day long - flowers, chocolates, home decor and more.

We went to the home opener basketball game on my birthday.  We made it to half time and Leo was done.  We had dinner with Kevin's parents before the game at our favorite local pizza place Turonis and then sat with my parents during the game.  I think I've mentioned this before - Kevin and I grew up going to Aces basketball games so it's a fun full circle moment to be there with our kids now.

Made some birthday wishes!

I got to go to Bible study with my friends.  It's a germy time of year so I am always really thankful when all the kids are healthy enough to go to school and childcare and I can go to Bible study.

I got to have a MNO dinner & a show with my cousin.  We saw Cabaret and ate at a favorite spot before the show.  We were so busy chatting during dinner that we almost missed the show.  Whoops!  We had to run from dinner to the show.  It was hilarious.  The UE students are so talented.  It was neat to see them in action.

My mom fixed a feast of fried chicken and all the sides for my birthday.  I requested fried chicken and fried ice cream for dessert.  Everything was delicious!

Kevin got me some beautiful birthday roses.

Leo and I strolled through Target.  He kept pulling things off the rack and calling them CUTE.  He is always a cute shopping buddy.  I didn't find any new clothes, but I did find some fun things for the holidays.

Kevin and the kids surprised me with a foot massager.  I would never have bought something like this for myself so it was sweet.  We have all enjoyed it, but Fletcher seems to park himself in this spot the most.

My biggest gift was finishing up our fire pit build.  It's taken months to finalize and weeks to build, but it's done!  We are already enjoying it so much.  Stay tuned for a fire pit tour soon.  Now I'm in full Thanksgiving prep mode!  I can't wait for all the yummy food and fun times to come.

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  1. I am so happy you had a good birthday! A DQ ice cream cake sounds perfect! Looks like you celebrated and were celebrated well!


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