Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Friendsgiving Donut Turkeys

We hosted a sweet Friendsgiving at our house this week.  The kids were so excited and I had an easy turkey treat for everyone to make.  I wanted to gather our friends and instead of waiting for an invitation, I was the one who initiated the invitation.  Let this be an encouragement to you to get the ball rolling on gathering your people.  Everyone was excited.  You don't have to host a huge meal.  Just come up with a festive treat or festive activity to do together.

Is this not the cutest donut turkey!?

I grabbed a dozen glazed donuts, a dozen chocolate donut holes and then had candy corn, candy pumpkins, edible eyes, pretzel sticks and M&Ms for turkey toppings.  We just poked the toppings into the donut, but you could use something like Nutella to help glue everything together.

They turned out so cute!

Look at this yummy assortment!  I made chocolate covered pretzels to send home with each family and then put all the turkey toppings in little ramekins. 

Each kid had a coloring place mat.  I didn't put names on them - everyone got to pick their own seat and color.

Olive's turkey masterpiece.

Fletcher's turkey masterpiece.  He was very into the Nutella glue.  And Leo had no interest in making a donut turkey.  But he ate his weight in candy corn :)

And if someone has to cancel last minute, it's easy to pack a treat to go box to drop off to them.

I 10/10 recommend making a cute invitation through something like Picmonkey and then texting it out.  It's easy and makes your gathering seem a little more official.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with the people you love most!  I'm taking the rest of the week off - wish me luck hosting Thanksgiving dinner.  I'll be back here on Monday with a full recap.

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  1. That turkey donut is so cute and festive! Hope you had a great time with your friends!! Happy Thanksgiving!!


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