Wednesday, July 6, 2022

4th of July Fun

We kicked off our 4th of July weekend a little early at our house.  We celebrated Kevin's birthday with my side of the family.  We did some yard work.  Kevin grilled several times over the weekend and put together several fireworks displays for family and friends.

I made all the red, white and blue food possible!  I love holiday themed treats so much.

Mocato fans - I found a new favorite - Sweet Tulip Moscato!  It's delicious.  It's sweet, refreshing and I will definitely be buying this again.

Is there anything better than a plate full of delicious Summer foods!?  I love trying everyone's favorite foods that they bring to share at a cookout.

Kevin is always the fun one.  Lanterns, fireworks and lots of backyard fun!

The cousin crew.

I decorated with a big balloon garland, flags everywhere instead of flowers and anything red, white and blue that I could find.

Kevin's smashburgers were so good!  This weekend he grilled two rounds of smash burgers and brats.

We picked blackberries!  Our wild blackberry bushes are just starting to ripen up.  We carefully picked a bowl full and snacked as we went.  Those blackberry thorns are tricky to navigate around.

I can't resist matching holiday shirts!

Leo can't resist berries!

We ate lots of pound cake + berries.  Did you see the recipe I posted for it yesterday?

We made JAM!!  I've always wanted to give jam making a try and Kevin helped make that happen this year.  We made blackberry & strawberry freezer jam.  It was really fun and easy to make so I'm hoping that it turns out delicious.  We would love to try other flavors.  The big kids really enjoyed helping mash the fruit and Kevin made sure we followed the directions.  Stay tuned.  If it turns out to be delicious, I'll share the details!

I asked them to pose by our new trees.  I'm going to try to take their picture by them every July to watch out they (the kids and the trees) grow!

We finished the night with a big neighborhood fireworks display + Kevin doing his own show in our driveway with friends.  I didn't take a single picture because I was on popsicle, trash and Leo duty.  He wasn't so sure he loved fireworks and clung to me like a baby koala.  We all stayed up way too late, ate Bomb Pops and had a blast.  I hope you had a happy 4th of July this year!


  1. Sooooo much summer fun on one post! Fireworks were banned in Waco and the entire county because of severe drought, but we found some glow in the dark diving toys for our grandkids and the pool looked magical. Making memories is so much fun !

  2. I agree with Diane-- so much summer fun in this post, I loved it!

    I too am a fan of holiday treats...patriotic is one of my favorite holiday themes. The red, white, and blue decor looks so good in your new kitchen!!

    We didn't do a ton for the holiday weekend because I was expecting the baby any day, but we enjoyed a low key weekend at home with grilling and some homemade blueberry/strawberry desserts. AND I ended up going to the hospital the night of the 4th and having our new baby boy! So that was a fun end even though we missed fireworks, haha!

  3. So much FUN! Ben is always the fun one too!


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