Wednesday, July 20, 2022

A Birthday & A Wedding

Kevin turned 41 last week!  We had a fun time celebrating him with family and friends.  We had a BBQ with his family and then we headed out of town on his actual birthday for a wedding.

We divided up the menu and I decorated with red, white and blue since his birthday is so close to July 4th.  Everything turned out great!

We arrived early and Kevin's mom left the cake decorating up to the kids.  Kevin's Grandma Sharon supervised and Fletcher put on as many candles as he could fit on the top of the cake.

We think these two ladies are GREAT!  Our kids are so lucky to have great grandparents.

Presents, cake and cooling off inside.

Pre-dinner fireworks.  Leo is telling Grandpa that he doesn't like loud fireworks I'm sure.

Fletcher was very proud of this candle situation.

Time for fireworks!  Kevin loves fireworks more than anyone I know.

Leo prefers fireworks from inside - air conditioning and not so loud.

It stormed big time that night and then we woke up the next morning to head to a wedding.  One of Kevin's former students and our favorite babysitter was getting married in Illinois.  We took the whole crew and headed about 5 hours away.  We did a quick gas station clothes change and headed right to the wedding.

Congratulations Cara & Carter!  The kids adore her!

The kids loved the bubble send off and the candy bar at the reception!

Happy Birthday, Kev!!

We spent the night in IL and headed North to Wisconsin the following day.  Busy birthday weekend!


  1. These are SUCH good family pics! Happy birthday to Kevin - so glad he got his fireworks fix for another year. :)

  2. Please pass along to the great grandmothers that they are adorable! They need their own blog post on their secrets to aging so gracefully.

  3. What a wonderful celebration of Kevin and such a beautiful bride!

  4. Happy birthday to Kevin! Olive looks just like you in the picture of you and her.


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