Monday, July 18, 2022

Wisconsin Nachos

Hey Friends!!  We're back from a fun trip to Wisconsin and I have a few Wisconsin posts planned for you.  I'm going to start out with: Wisconsin Nachos!!  

Our resort had yummy poolside food truck options for their outdoor pools and we were big fans of the nacho truck.  We ate them 3 different times during our stay!  We all agreed that we needed to recreate them at home.  I snapped a picture for recipe reference.  Then we made a list of all the ingredients and went grocery shopping when we got home.


Wisconsin Nacho Ingredients:

1lb ground beef (light on the meat version - you could easily double this!)

Taco seasoning

Shredded Colby Jack

1/2 a block of Queso Fresco

1 can of Queso Blanco

shredded lettuce

1 fresh jalapeno pepper

1 container of fresh Pico De Gallo - find a great store bought option or make your own!

Triangle tortilla chips



Cook ground beef, drain and add taco seasoning.  Chop lettuce/jalapeno and crumble queso fresco.  Heat up the Queso Blanco.  Set out all the ingredients to build your nachos either family style or on individual plates.  Recipes serves 4-5.  



We opted to build our own nachos on our plates instead of making one big platter of nachos.  You can do these nachos either way.

Have you ever gotten queso fresco?  I found this at Aldi and it was delicious.  I sliced it in half and then crumbled it with forks.  Super easy!

Everyone built their own plate of nachos and we agreed that they were a really good dupe for the yummy nachos we had on vacation.

You can customize these a million different ways, but we think this version is pretty great.  I hope you'll give these Wisconsin Nachos with three different cheeses a try.


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