Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Floral Basket Wreath

I think that I've figured out a great combination for wreaths for my dark red front door - LIGHT!  White flowers and white seem to be my friend if I want my wreath to pop.  It also goes nicely with our white brick.  I picked up supplies recently when Hobby Lobby had their floral section 50% off.  Now that Hobby Lobby doesn't take coupons, it feels more important to pay attention to their sales.

I knew I wanted a basket type wreath because they're easy to hang and I like the look of them.  There were a couple of options and I liked this one for Summer.  It was around $15.

Then I picked up floral stems and added them into the basket to see how they'd look.  I intended to have blue and white flowers in the bouquet, but I didn't like any of the blue flower options.  I picked out a green filler to fill the basket and then started looking for items to layer in.


 Floral Basket Wreath Supply List:

1 hanging basket

1 pkg Green moss filler

4 drapey greenery

8 white floral stems

1 whimsical white floral stem

*All supplies are from Hobby Lobby recently.

I bought plenty of the greenery and floral stems knowing that I could return them if I had extra.  That's much easier to do than have to go back to the store to try to find more of the same flowers.

I like to have several different things - flowers, greenery and berry type things - to add interest.

This wreath was so easy.  Cut price tags off as you go so you can return anything you don't need.  I filled the basket with an entire package of the green moss filler.  It filled up the container really well and gave me a sturdy foundation to build off of.  Then I layered in the greenery.  I added the little white flower stems in next.  I topped everything off with the whimsical white floral stems.  The basket hangs perfectly on my door.  I have a screw in the door to hang all wreaths on.  And I'm so happy with how it turned out!  

It cost me around $50.  That's not cheap for a wreath, but I love that it's custom/one of a kind, I can reuse the basket again in the future and it was a good creative outlet for me to make it.  I'm hoping to use it again next Summer, but I'll have to wait and see how it weathers in the sun after a month or two.

I'm already dreaming about white/light Fall and winter wreath options!



 What's on your front door right now?


  1. This looks AWESOME! We got a new front door recently and a trip to HL to look at wreaths has been on my to do list. You’ve inspired me to get there asap!

  2. Thanks for this inspiration! I have a similar basket wreath on my front door, but I never thought to line the basket with the moss filler. I really like how that looks! The green and white picks look perfect together. I'm feeling very inspired for my fall basket wreath!


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