Friday, July 8, 2022

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  This week zoomed by so fast for us.  We squeeze in all the holiday fun and then enjoyed a quiet week at home.  The best parts of our week were:

1. Front Door

I'm figuring out how to decorate my red front door and it seems like anything light or white looks great on it!  Lighter rugs also seem to look better with it.  I made this wreath for July and love how it looks.  I'm already thinking ahead for Fall and Winter wreath ideas.  I've never done one of these basket wreaths so stay tuned for a tutorial next week.  It was SO easy!  I'm also learning that my front porch is sunnier than I was expecting so I'm trying to find the right spot for these shade loving ferns.

2. We made JAM!

I've always wanted to give freezer jam a try and Kevin helped me make that happen.  We did wild blackberry jam from the bushes along our property and then we did strawberry jam.  They both tasted yummy and we're eager to experiment with the recipe as well as try other fruit flavors.

3. Organizing

I'm trying hard to work on a project or two a day to get things a little more organized around here.  I worked on my accessories and some drawers this week.  Most of my projects take under 30 minutes and make such a big difference.  I'm hoping to tackle some cabinets and our garage in July.

4. Kid Art

Olive has been busy making art lately.  She painted the lemon specifically for my laundry room and the Be Kind was a neat painting that she did at art camp.  I asked her if I could have it to frame.  I got frames for both and love how they look around the house.  Frames were crazy expensive at Hobby Lobby so I checked out the options at Meijer and was much happier with their under $10 options.

5. Grocery Store Flowers

You know that Kevin loves to surprise me with fresh flowers especially when he knows we're having company over.  He grabbed these two bunches of Alstroemeria because he thought they'd look good together.  It was such a pretty color combo.  Plus these flowers last forever!!

6. Penny & Pearl

The sweetest kitty sisters ever.  They love keeping an eye on the yard :)

7. It's been HOT in the Midwest

We've been indoors more than usual this week.  But we loved the farm filled views from our backyard.  The corn is getting so high!

8. Meet Ups

We met up with a variety of friends and family this week.  We swam, grabbed cookies and had lunch out.  The kids LOVE Jason's Deli and we've recently started letting the older kids get their own ice cream.  Fletch was thrilled, clearly.  And Leo loved his pasta for lunch.

9. Wiggly Teeth

I had to document Fletcher's baby teeth while his smile was still in tact.  He's got a couple of wiggly ones on the bottom and is excited/slightly nervous to lose his first tooth.

10. Regular Days

It's just fun to hang out at home with these three.  I love when they play together nicely.

11. Cookies

These Jordan Bakery Box M&M cookies have been in high demand over here.  They just scream summer to me!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  We're excited to celebrate Kevin's birthday and head to a wedding for some of our favorite friends.  I'm taking next week off of blogging.  See you back here on the 18th!

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  1. Came across your blog and loved reading your Friday Favorites! Working on organizing over here as well ☺️ Enjoy your next week!!

  2. Your front door looks great! Tackling organisation projects in short bursts is a great way of getting things done.


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