Friday, July 22, 2022

Wisconsin Favorites

Happy Friday, Friends!  I hope you've had a nice week.  It's been hot in Indiana so we spent a lot of time relaxing indoors.  Much to my dismay, Summer seems to be flying by so fast and we are trying hard to soak in the lazy days of Summer before the kids go back to school.

I have been looking forward to sharing our Wisconsin Favorites with you!  

These are all MUST DO activities when you visit Wisconsin Dells.  We stayed at Wilderness Resort.  We've been several times and have yet to do everything we would like to do. We'd 10/10 recommend this trip!  I'll try to put together a post with a checklist of things to do just at the resort.  Stay tuned.  

1 // Wilderness Resort

We have visited here 3 different times with our whole family and have enjoyed it each time.  We prefer going through Wyndham and staying on that side.  They have 4 indoor water parks and 4 outdoor water parks with a million different things to do all around their property.  We really have yet to do it all.  The property is so pretty.  We love this spot!

2 // LOTS of swimming!

The kids all enjoyed the water.  We even had a few chilly days which seems crazy to me since it's been so so hot here.

3 // Wilderness Resort Kid's Club

This was our first time to check out the kids club.  There were lots of free things to do (foam fridge magnet kits, balloon animals, coloring, beads for bracelets and necklaces, race tracks, movies and play camp sites) and make and lots of fun things to buy (build your own stuffed animal & glitter tattoos).

Look at the cute art contest winners for the day!  Olive & Fletcher!  They both got a free glitter tattoo and were SO proud to have their art work on display for all the kids to see that day.

4 // Wisconsin Scenery

Have you ever been to Wisconsin??  It's the most charming state.  Their are farms everywhere and the prettiest rolling hills.  We walked over to this field after dinner one night.  There were deer in the field and we enjoyed watching them.

5 // Water Slides

The kids all found water slides to go on that they really enjoyed.  This was Leo's first trip to get to do several big kid things with his siblings.  It was really sweet.  And I'm definitely framing this picture!

6 // Cheese curds!

I ordered cheese curds any chance I got!  This Cheesehead burger came with cheese curds on it.

7 // Animal Encounters!

We went on a horse and carriage ride on a nearby trail and found ourselves at the Wisconsin Deer Park again.  We enjoyed both of these so much!

8 // Dinner on the Lake

Kevin worked hard to find us cool new local restaurants to try this trip.

9 // Paint Your Own Pottery

Kevin and I both took turns doing fun things with the big kids during Leo's nap time.  He'd go and do all the wild and crazy adventures - ropes course, arcades, water slides and golf - and I did fun things like kid's club and paint your own pottery.


10 // Smile!

When we ask Leo to smile, he makes this face.

11 // Outdoor Water Parks

It was so fun to see the big kids try new things and learn new skills on this trip!  Fletcher powered through and was doing the obstacle course all by himself in no time.  Leo was also very determined to do as much as possible on his own.  And Olive was Ms Independent as usual.

12 // Favorite Travel Buddy 

We make a good travel team!  He's adventurous and fun and I make sure everyone has what they need to make the week comfortable and fun.

13 // Gorgeous Flowers

I admired the flowers all around Wilderness Resort all week long. 

14 // Wilderness Resort on the Lake

Kevin found the coolest spot for us to go swimming.  We took the shuttle over and swam in their infinity pool on the lake.  The view was stunning.  We watched boats zoom up and down Lake Delton.  I hope we remember this moment forever. 

15 // Fletcher lost his first tooth!

Fletcher's first tooth went from barely wiggly to falling out so fast.  We scrambled and the tooth fairy found him when we were out of town :)

16 // Sunsets

We enjoyed this pretty view all week long!  Wisconsin has the prettiest sunsets.

I hope you get a chance to visit Wisconsin one day!  It's our happy place :)

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  1. Looks beautiful! I've been wanting to visit the Dells for ages Lucky your tooth fairy was able to find Fletcher up there ;-) my daughter lost a tooth when we were out of town and our tooth fairy couldn't get through the hotel security features to reach her (she texted me to let me know she'd catch up with us when we got home). lol

  2. Looks like a great vacation enjoyed by all. Beautiful scenery, fun things to do, good food and great family times together…

  3. It sounds like a really wonderful vacation!

  4. So beautiful! I hope I can go someday. I have a friend who lives there so I need to go for a visit sometime! Have a good weekend!

  5. Looks like a great time. Regine


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