Monday, July 25, 2022

Happy Anniversary!

Kevin and I celebrated our 18th anniversary yesterday!  It really feels like we just got married a few years ago, but we've squeezed a lot of life, a lot of adventure and a lot of love into the those years.

We celebrated with the kids and made sure we did our favorite things - a special dessert (Derby Pie), pink roses, fancy dinner at home on our wedding china, looking through our wedding albums with the kids and just reminiscing about the day.  

This one was a little unique because our life has taken some unexpected twists and turns this past year.  We got married on the campus at University of Evansville and now Kevin is working at UE walking past our wedding chapel most days.  Our lives have not gone exactly how we planned.  God had better things in store for us!

I'll forever and always love the idea of registering for china or nice dishes for your wedding.  I LOVE mine so much! 

I was thinking about wedding gifts that we still use today.  Here's my list of gifts that have last us for the last 18 years.

A luggage set

Pyrex sets

Tons of Pampered Chef pieces and gadgets

Kitchen Aid Mixer

Framed art

Regular Dishes and a set of China


What wedding gifts are you still using years later?


  1. Happy Anniversary! I still use the Waterford crystal wine/water glasses we registered for, as well as some serving pieces and vases. I replaced our every dishes recently - wanted a more modern look.

  2. Happy Anniversary!! It is so wonderful to look back over our lives and see God's faithfulness as he's led us every step of the way. Your wedding china is so pretty - you were smart to pick a neutral pattern. I didn't register for china, but I did register for lots of white dishes and serving pieces. I still have and use those often!

  3. Happy anniversary! Your wedding day was such a beautiful one! And how neat that Kevin is working nearby now. I also registered for wedding china, I got old country roses from Royal Doulton. I wanted it because that was what my mom had and she had just passed away a year earlier. However I fell out of love with it after about 10 years and gave myself permission to part with it and get a solid white plate with platinum rim. I love that set much more, it just suits me better :)

  4. Happy Anniversary!! I love seeing your beautiful marriage-- 18 years, congratulations!! We didn't register for china for our wedding and I wished we had...however, last year someone in my neighborhood sold hers to me!! 11 place settings of Noritake, only used twice, for $50...I am SO happy to have it!!! It is gorgeous and probably what I would have chosen myself if I had registered. What age do you start letting your kids use it? I really want to start traditions of using it for certain holidays/special days.


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