Friday, December 24, 2021

The Highlights

Happy Christmas Eve!  We've been in our new house for almost two weeks and we're settling in nicely.  There's still plenty to do, but we're finding homes for everything in our new space.

The highlights of our week were:

1 // Santa!

A visit to see Santa was top priority this week.  We missed our tradition of having brunch with Santa this year and were determined to find a new tradition.  We wrote him a letter, gave him our new address and Fletcher was very concerned that we had yet to see him with Christmas just being a few days away.  We went to our local mall and got to chat with Santa.  Leo didn't cry.  Just asked for Mama.  The kids talked over their wish lists with Santa and he reminded them of all the things they could do at home to be on the nice list.  It was super sweet. 

Olive was convinced that he could have been the real Santa.  Fletcher was sure he was one of Santa's helpers.  And both were eager to make sure they did not get on the naughty list.


2 // Sing 2

We have made some new friends on our street and they invited us to a movie birthday party last night. We had been wanting to see Sing 2.  We got popcorn, slushies, sat in recliner seats and had the best time eating candy and laughing with our new buddies.  We'd give Sing 2 a 10/10 and highly recommend you see it.  We loved Sing and Sing 2 was even better!

3 //  New Parks

We are working on visiting the parks around us.  We loved exploring Friedman Park.  We always bundle up and go to parks year round.  They're never crowded and it's a great way to get some sunshine and exercise year round.  This park in Newburgh has some really cool equipment and the layout is really unique.  It was great for the big kids and for Leo.  Win-win.

4 // TV

We got our downstairs TV hung thanks to the help and expertise of our electrician friend.  All these little projects are making our house feel like home.

5 // Raisins

I cannot even count how many boxes of raisins Leo has gone through this month.  He's obsessed.  I really hate raisins so it kind of grosses me out.  His top food requests lately have been mandarin oranges, raisins and strawberries.


6 // Fun Dad

Santa was on break when we showed up at the mall so good thing that Kevin (the fun one) was with us.  We stopped and played at the arcade and came home with several claw machine treasures.

7 // Cats

I've gotten a few messages asking how the cats are doing.  They really are doing great.  Topher has snuggly spots all over the house.

Penny mostly likes to sleep on the fuzzy tree skirt and drink tree water.

Pearl has been the naughtiest around the tree.  Chewing on ornaments and getting tangled in the Christmas tree garland.

8 // Enjoy the View

If you stop by my house, all of our windows are large and sit low.  Leo is thrilled and has left face prints on every window in the house.  I came home from the grocery store to see this cute smushy face.

9 // Walks

We're back to walking almost every evening.  We've found new areas to explore, Fletcher is always on the hunt for treasures and it's been fun to see the frosty view on several mornings.

10 // Christmas Break Fun

We've watched Christmas movies, done Christmas crafts, asked Alexa to play Christmas music, worn matching jammies and aren't setting alarms over break.  We are really enjoying the time at home together.

Merry Christmas!!  I hope you have plans to celebrate with some of your favorite people.  We've got a busy weekend ahead.  We're going to enjoy Christmas with family and I'll be back sometime next week with a recap :)

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  1. Lol at Pearl. Some cats love to make the most of Christmas tree season.


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