Tuesday, November 30, 2021

3 Things

If we were to meet up for coffee today, these are all the random current events that I'd update you on for each person in our family.


Olive //

1. She got nominated for Student of the Month for her class.  The character trait was citizenship.  She was so excited.  Her teacher wrote the nicest things about her and said she was every teacher's dream student.  Olive goes to a big school so we love to see her individually recognized for standing out and being a good citizen.  She's gotten this award several times before and we always love to see which character trait each teacher sees shine in her.

2. She's getting her eyes checked this week and is thinking she might need glasses.  Genetics are in her favor for that so we'll see what the doctor says.

3.  She's got a million questions about our move and her new school.  We're trying to get as many of them answered as possible before she starts school there in just a couple of weeks.  She's moved a lot in her life and I know she'll do great in our new city.



Fletcher //

1. He hates wearing coats and pants.  He argues about it most days.  So if you see him with bare arms and legs all winter long, just know he's got his joggers cuffed up and turned into shorts and he's pushed his long sleeves up.  And if he is wearing a coat of any kind, I'm thrilled.  To be fair, I'm always hot so I know he probably gets it from me, but I wish he'd cover up a bit more now that it's freezing out.

2. He is always climbing or jumping off of something.  Balancing on the edge of every piece of furniture we own.  We were taking pictures at my sisters and he was climbing her stair rail.  I looked up from doing dishes and see him jumping off all the things on the deck.  He shouted - Take my picture and see if you can catch me flying.  Maybe he needs bubble wrap for Christmas.

3. He said the only thing he cares about taking with us to Evansville is his teacher.  She's wonderful and we are all really going to miss her.


Leo //

1.  He is the busiest baby we've had.  He gets into everything all the time.  He literally makes a new mess while you are cleaning up the first mess.  Kevin was sweeping up some dirt he dug out of a plant and turned around to find that he'd dumped a bag of crackers in the family room.  Bubble wrap should be on his Christmas list.  He's wild!!

2.  Leo loves bananas.  He eats 3 or so a day.  Fletcher went through this phase so I think it's a sign that he's growing.  No wonder his belly is hanging out of all of his 2T clothes.

3.  He holds our hand and leads us to whatever he wants - snacks, swings, pantry - or brings us his coat to tell us he wants to go outside and play.  He also brings us the remote when he wants to watch Cocomelon.


Kevin & Whitney //

1.  Our to do lists feel a little ridiculous right now.  There is always someone to call.  Something to do or something last minute we have to squeeze in before our move.  I'm taking all 3 cats + Leo to the vet on Thursday.  I'm sure that'll be pure chaos and am trying to squeeze in all the appointments before we move.  Kevin has currently shifted his attention to the fact that Notre Dame is now on the hunt for a new football coach since ours is headed to LSU.  This should be interesting to watch play out in the off season.

2. We found some really great deals on things for the new house on Black Friday.  Since we got the measurements of the rooms, I'm hoping all the furniture and new things look great in the space.  Stay tuned...

3. We're trying to figure out how to make our tradition of getting a real tree happen this year.  We usually buy it the weekend after Thanksgiving.  We're moving in two weeks and don't want to move a real tree.  So we're trying to come up with a game plan to have a real tree in our new house for our first Christmas.  Wish us luck!!  I'm sure we'll figure something out, but honestly, it's weird to be packing everything in boxes and not decking the halls this time of year.

What's new with you??


  1. So fun! Love learning new things about y'all!

  2. Jack still doesn't like to wear a jacket, even at age 18 - ha, ha! And Michael was pretty happy about LSU's choice of new coach. He must be a good one!


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