Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Halloween 2021 Recap

We had a really fun Halloween weekend!!  It was kind of exhausting - ha!


I'm the head room mom for both Olive & Fletcher so I had to pull everything together for both parties.  One class had tons of helpers and the other had one helper to work with me.  It all worked out fine and I was so thankful to be in their classrooms after all the restrictions that were in place last year.  I worked with both teachers to schedule the parties at different time so I could do both.  Then Kevin rearranged his schedule to be home with Leo.  See what I mean!?  We were going in all directions.

Fletcher's party - we did some healthy snacks, a sticker craft and game stations for the kids to rotate through.  The eyeballs on the spoon and the velcro ball and the candy corn bowling were lots of fun.  During the party he said to his whole class, "Raise your hand if you think I have the funnest mom ever!!"  He's a sweet guy who was thrilled to have me at school with him.

Olive's party was that afternoon.  We had snacks, a craft and Minute to Win It style games for the kids to play.  It was fun and she was happy to have me there.  We zoomed home and crashed for the night.

We decided to get our house on the market ASAP so we super prepped and cleaned for showings on Saturday and Sunday in between carving pumpkins, trick or treating, passing out candy and staying away from home.  Our house is looking so good right now for Fall!!  Look at this gorgeous Maple tree.  More on that later....

Olive got to try her first PSL from Starbucks.  She loves Pumpkin Pie, pumpkin cookies, gingersnaps, etc so I was pretty sure she'd love the pumpkin drinks this time of year.  We got one to share and she ended up drinking the whole thing.  It was hilarious and so cute.  We got a tiny glimpse of teenager Olive.  Then she was determined to tie her PSL into her pumpkin carving.  She was thrilled with her PSL themed pumpkin this year.

Kevin was a CHAMP and did all the pumpkin carving solo.  I had several phone call meetings this weekend and he carved while I took care of some other things.  They turned out great!  The kids were thrilled!

We trick or treated all around our neighborhood.  I think we were the earliest trick or treaters, but it was fun to be out and about on the chilly night.  We got to chat with our neighbors and enjoy all the gorgeous trees in our neighborhood.  The kids got TONS of candy.  Olive's pumpkin handle broke because her pumpkin was so heavy.  We had a blast and it was SO HARD to get everyone up and going on for school on Monday.  We had a great Halloween and are really excited to celebrate my birthday and Thanksgiving in November!  I hope you had a lovely Halloween!

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  1. What a busy weekend, especially with getting the house on the market too! Whew!


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