Friday, November 5, 2021

Friday Faves

Happy Friday!  This week went by quickly for us.  The Fall weather in Indiana has been PERFECTION this week.  Beautiful skies, gorgeous leaves and chilly temps.  It's the best time of year!  This Maple tree in our backyard really shows off this time of year.


The best parts of our week were:

1. We SOLD our house!!  

It went up for sale one week ago.  We decided on Thursday night to list it and the realtor came on Friday morning to take pictures.  It was super stressful, but we made it happen.  We had showings scheduled Oct 30/31.  And then the first people who saw it Saturday morning made us an offer that we accepted!  We knew the market is really wild right now, but it was fun to witness it for ourselves. 

We are feeling really thankful because we were hoping and praying for a quick sale/timeline to make a move in December.  It's hard to keep your house spotless and keep the kids/cats away for showings.  We have loved our house well for the last 5 years and are happy to leave it in great shape.  Now it's on to inspections and closing dates set for December on our current house and our new house.  Stay tuned for more on that!

2. Fall.  It's just gorgeous in my backyard right now.  The big kids are genuinely helpful raking leaves and making leaf piles around the yard.  Leo just destroys their piles and throws leaves.  Either way, it's been tons of fun to play in the leaves this week.

3. New house!

We have a new house and it's brand new!  What a treat!  We have never lived in a new home before so this is really exciting.  We have been able to pick out some of the finishes together.  This week Kevin made sure I got a double oven for all of my baking and I picked out a kitchen backsplash & carpet for the upstairs.  Things are moving right along!  More on this later.

4. Documentaries

I've been on a documentary kick lately on Netflix.  It's been really interesting and educational.  And I somehow feel better about spending my late night TV hours watching them vs junk TV. 

Taylor Swift - Miss Americana (I enjoyed it but I like old Taylor albums better than new Taylor)

Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed - (It's a really sad story of him being taken advantage of and how his son has been left with nothing in spite his Dad's wishes)

Dolly Parton: Here I Am - (She's a go getter!  I enjoyed learning about her ambition, big personality and love of the spotlight)

Gaga: Five Foot Two  - (A documentary about Lady Gaga.  It's odd.  She's a unique person and I think it captured her quirky self well)

Challenger: The Final Flight  (Heartbreaking series.  I had no idea the warnings that were ignored and the pressure to there was on NASA to launch.  You hear from the families of the astronauts that were killed and it's tragic to relive it with them.  As a former teacher, I loved hearing about the buzz surrounding Christa McAulliffe joining the team of astronauts to head into space.  Very interesting.)

5. Grocery store flowers.

Kevin surprised me with flowers this week.  They're super unique and beautiful!  I love them.

6. I'm back to baking this week!  Regular Big Chunk Chocolate Chip cookies for orders.  It was a busy October with all the Halloween orders.  I'm hoping to bake some pumpkin muffins next.

7. Chicken Noodle Soup

Did you see my recipe for Chicken Noodle Soup this week?  My whole family licked their bowls with this recipe.  I think it was the noodles I used!  They are our new favorite.

8. Silly Boys

Leo and Fletcher have been sitting in this basket all week.  It's too funny because there are several comfy places to sit in our playroom and this one does not look comfy to me.

9. Leo: 1 Mom: 0

I couldn't figure out how Leo kept ending up with Halloween candy.  I set up a stake out of sorts and this is what I saw.  Apparently the Barbie Dream house doubles as a ladder.  Someone bubble wrap that baby!!

10. Christmas Prep

My social media feeds have been bombarded with Christmas this week.  You won't get much Christmas content from me until December because I do not skip over Thanksgiving or my birthday in November.

BUT all the stores have all the things for Christmas now and if you don't grab things now, they won't be around in December.  I always change all the bed sheets to Christmas sheets the first week of November!  I just love them!  Both big kids have these cute snowy sheets on their beds.  I had the kids help me and it was so fun.  Cozy sheets and cool temps are perfect.

Wal-Mart has some really cute Christmas graphic tees.  The toddler shirts are around $5 and the big kids are around $6.  My kids will love them.  The quality is great.  They go fast so grab them now and save them for December.

They also have huge containers of Christmas sprinkles at Walmart.  These are more gourmet/fancy than their usual sprinkles.  This big container was right around $4 and you just cannot beat that price.  It would cost you double or triple that to buy them online.  Things that this usually aren't available for grocery pick up at my store so keep an eye out for them.

I hope you had a great week!  We're sticking close to home this weekend and I can't wait.

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  1. Loved this roundup - and I'm so thankful for how God has answered prayers and moved things along (no pun intended) for your family. I'm SO excited for you to have a brand new house! What a special treat! We're enjoying the leaves here too - it's been a spectacularly gorgeous fall. Have a lovely weekend! <3

  2. Three cheers for a double oven! So fun to see a peek at your week. Those documentaries sound interesting. Have you had a chance to watch the one on LuLaRoe? I watched that a couple weeks ago and I was fascinated! Some crazy stuff went down. Have a great weekend!

  3. I'm totally going to have to watch the Bob Ross documentary. I just re-subscribed to Netflix a couple weeks ago. Congrats on selling the house.

  4. Congrats on accepting an offer! That's a huge stress lifted off when you're moving. And I love flannel sheets. It's finally cool enough that we can bring them out.


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