Friday, September 10, 2021

The Highlights

Happy Friday!  It was a fun week over here - long weekend, apple picking, gorgeous weather and lots of baking.  Let me show you...

1 // Apple Picking

Our favorite local apple orchard - Ditzler Orchard - is booming!  Huge apple crop this year.  We headed on a little drive through the country on Sunday to pick our own Honey Crisp Apples.  They're pricey, but totally worth it.  Our favorite farmer told us that when he first bought the orchard Red Delicious Apples were the #1 apple tree planted.  Not any more!  He said they barely sell any of them and won't be growing them after this season.  We are excited to go back several more times this Fall.

The kids loved it.  Leo took it as a personal challenge when the owner told us that Honey Crisps were too big for little hands and directed us towards some Ruby Johns that were smaller.  Leo thought that was ridiculous and spent an hour eating his very own giant Honey Crisp.  He has eaten them all week long - grabs an apple out of the bowl and goes to town.  It's adorable.

If you've never gone apple picking - find a way to do it this year!  It's so much fun!  It's fast, oftentimes you get to go on a tractor ride, soon there will be fresh apple cider and it's an awesome outdoor activity when the weather cools off a bit.

2 // Apple Galette

I made my first apple galette!  I loved trying something new.  I used this recipe and added a drizzle of caramel on top.  My husband and I loved the flavor and the ease of the recipe, but agreed that we'd rather have a big slice of regular apple pie.

3 // Game Day Cookies

I'm busy making game day cookies this weekend.  I've got lots of orders with color combos to match team colors.  I have a busy weekend of building game day charcuterie box orders for Jordan Bakery Box.  I just love football season!

4 // Fall Florals

Hobby Lobby has some really pretty Fall Florals right now.  They're 40% off and I can't wait to do a Fall wreath refresh this year.  I just love those fuzzy mustard colored flower balls.  I have yet to decorate with a single pumpkin, but I'm getting the itch do it.  My kids love to help me decorate for the holidays so maybe we will work on it together this weekend.

5 // Clouds

The clouds have been SO pretty in Indiana this week!  I snapped this as Kevin was driving us down to the pool one afternoon.

6 // 17 Months

Leo turned 17 months this week.  He's such a busy guy.  He is into everything.  Climbing everything.  Eating everything.  And now he's talking more.  He points and says "ook!" all day long when he wants us to look at something.  He loves being outside and swinging on this swing.  He's a super sweet guy giving hugs, kisses and love all day long.  He still scowls at strangers and takes a minute to warm up.  He's sleeping much better - only waking up once a night and we try not to take our eyes off of him for a second because he's always into something.

7 // Pool Days

We squeezed in as many pool days as we could before the country club pool closed.  The big kids became such good swimmers this year.  Neither wears floaties of any kind any more and are really getting confident in the water.  Hooray!  Penny and Pearl loved all the beach towels.  Mom Hack: I bought us all the same beach towel this season and it was so nice to help me keep track of our towels at the pool.  Count 5 yellow striped towels and I was done vs having to remember which towel each person used that day and hunt it down.  I definitely recommend a set of family towels.

8 // Game Day food is my favorite!

I loved this 12 Layer Warm Taco Dip I shared earlier this week.  I think I'm going to do a game day charcuterie board for the Notre Dame game this weekend. 

9 // Shoes

No one loves shoes more than this guy.  He carries all of our shoes all over the house.  Wears them and plays with them all day.  He's getting better at walking in them which is hilarious to see a tiny guy tromping around in adult shoes.  He even surprised us and put on his own shoes this week.  He's a guy on a mission. 

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I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!  See you back here on Monday :)


  1. Happy Friday, Whitney! Your apple picking looks so fun! I miss doing that. Can’t wait to see your new wreath - I need to do that too. Share all your tips!

  2. That swing picture of Leo is soooo cute. Our J was sleeping so well but this week he got a cold and molars at the same time...whew. It's like a newborn again, lol.

    We are big into apple picking too! A neighbor gave me a half bushel of apples from her backyard this year and I was almost disappointed we wouldn't need to pick as many-- haha!

  3. Love this blog..Leo looks so happy with his big apple..Love all the pictures and the story line that goes with them..

  4. Love this blog..Leo looks so happy with his big apple..Love all the pictures and the story line that goes with them..


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