Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Favorite Prime Purchases

I'm excited to share my Amazon favorites with you this month!  It's been a random month of lots of good purchases.  Let me show you the best things - there is something for everyone this month!

1. Pop Game chess Board Push Bubble Popper Board Game


My kids have had their eyes on these fun pop it game boards.  I found this one on super sale last week and am saving it for a gift for them this holiday season.  I figured it would be a great way for them to practice math and play a game.  You can roll dice to add, subtract and multiply.  It'll be great for younger kids - number sense and counting and math facts for the older kids.  This price is great!  This would be such a fun gift for you kids, cousins, nieces, nephews or to give away as a birthday party gift.

2. Wahl Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper and Trimmer

I've owned this same Wahl brand hair clipper for 5+ years, but always had the plug in version.  I noticed the blades dulling after 5 years of using it so we upgraded to the cordless version.  I can't wait to have the freedom to not be attached to the wall when I'm cutting the boy's hair every few weeks.

3. Nordic Ware Baker's Big Baking Sheet

I have been busy baking lot of cookies for my bakery.  I wanted a bigger cookie sheet and this one had great reviews.  I love the size, the rim around the edge and it bakes so well.  I can't wait to get a couple more of them now that I know I love it.

4. Amazon Basics Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven 6 Quart

I needed a second dutch oven to bake bread in and this one caught my eye. I purchased it in green and it is GORGEOUS.  The quality is amazing and it's my new favorite.  I had purchased a Lodge one before.  I love the way it cooks but it stains badly.  This one seems like it is going to be great all around.  I love the way it bakes bread and can't wait to cook soup in it this Fall.  The price is great.  Plus there are tons of great reviews for it.


5. Skunk in My Bunk

This is a great rhyming book for little ears and early readers.  My kids loving pointing out the rhymes as well as adding on their own list of rhyming words.  It's so cute and fun to read together.

6. Amscan 409858 Football Molded Party Picks

I picked these up for tailgating and my charcuterie boxes this Fall.  They're cute and great quality.

7. National Geographic Mega Gemstone Dig Kit

My kids got these for Christmas last year and have had so much fun with them.  I put them away for a bit and then we did them one afternoon when it was really hot this past month.  They (ages 5 & 8) were so interested in them.  They both dug and dug until they uncovered their 15 gemstones.  The rocks were so cool.  This set comes with an informational book about each stone.  They loved identifying the gem names and reading about them.  I'd highly recommend these for kids from 5-10 - stock up on them for potential birthday gifts or Christmas.  They both agreed it was so fun that they'd happily do another one.

I snapped some pictures of the kids doing their kit.  They didn't need much help from me - just changing out their water bowls to let them keep digging.  Each kit comes with a brick full of 15 gemstones.  It comes with tools and tips to use some water to help dig.

8. Kid's Plastic Placemats

Do you see those trays pictured above?  They helped contain the mess of fun projects like this so much.  They'd be the perfect thing to gift a mom of littles or to use with your own little ones.  I purchased these plastic placemat trays when Olive was little.  We use them for everything - Play-Doh, crafts, gemstone digging and more.  They're so handy.  They're flexible enough to bend a bit and really do help contain messes so much.  I've used these for probably 6+ years and ours are still like new.

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  1. We have similar trays and love them, even for crafts/decorating cookies with teens/adults. My kids loved the gem kit when they were little too. And we have that clipper, but cordless would be even better. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Those trays look so great, and I think I need them for crafting with my nieces and nephew. I think they'd like the gem kits too.


  3. Ooh, I'm going to check out the cordless clippers. Mac cuts his own hair, and these may be good for him.


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