Friday, September 24, 2021

3 Things

Happy Friday and Happy Fall!  Yay for my favorite season.  There's a chill in the air and the leaves are just barely starting to turn colors in Indiana.  I haven't bought any mums yet, but I hope to do that soon.

I've got 3 things from each of us today to recap our favorites from the week.


1. We are loving all the Fall family events that are happening in our area.  We got to do Family Learning Day at our local library- the kids stopped by to see me at our booth.  Our local MACC Moms group hosted a booth and it went great.  I'm ready to go apple picking, buy some mums and bake some pumpkin treats.

2. Definitely not a highlight... I spent way too much time on the phone/emailing this week filing a claim for our mailbox.  A delivery man snapped our mailbox post trying to shove a big package into our regular size mailbox.  I found it laying in the street after a neighbor alerted me as to what happened.  I'm hoping we'll get some money from them to pay to replace it and our new mailbox will look like a nice upgrade.

3. I took the kids on a quick day trip to see family on Sunday.  We got to visit with my parents, siblings and all the little cousins.  The weather was gross and I spent the whole time chasing wild man Leo, but it was nice to see family for a bit and celebrate Krissy's birthday.


1. We went to his back to school picnic and had a nice time.  We're the only ones with little kids so that's always interesting to be the only ones to show up with a high chair and have little people to keep track of.

2. He recently qualified to play in our country club's Ryder Cup for the top golfers at the club this season.  He had a blast playing in the tournament.

3. Kevin volunteers at a local shelter every week and this week they hosted an open house to showcase their Christmas store.  I donated Christmas cookies and we each shopped for adults/kids so that we could donate items to their store.  We got to go to the open house to see everything for ourselves.  It's a really neat set up for families in need and gave us some ideas of how we could volunteer as a family as the kids get older.


1. We got to go to her cousin Krissy's kitty birthday party over the weekend.  The kids had cat masks, at cat themed treats and painted cat pictures.  We even meowed happy birthday to the birthday girl.

2. Olive got invited to her first friend birthday party of the year!  She can't wait to go!  She's been working really hard this year to make new friends.  I'm proud of her because it's intimidating to put yourself out there to make new friends.

3.  Every night I have to convince her to go to bed.  I check on her and find her with a flashlight and a book staying up late to read.  I'm not sure who she gets her night owl tendencies from... haha


1. He is doing great in kindergarten, but he wouldn't hesitate to tell you that the days feel long and the weeks feel long, too.  He always ready for the weekend when it finally rolls around.  He says he just doesn't get to see enough of me every day.  Which goes along perfectly with his sweet personality.

2. Penny loves Fletcher the most.  It's a fact.  She purrs and loves on him for about an hour straight when he gets home from school.  We always tease that she embarrasses herself when he's around.

3. He's got a list of sight words that he knows, is feeling more confident with his letters and sounds coming together to write sentences, is clapping syllables for us and he's always got funny stories to tell us from school.


1. He's into something or making messes 24/7.  It feels impossible to ever watch him close enough to keep him out of trouble all the time.  He can seriously be right next to you and make a total disaster in a split second.  Good thing he's so cute because this week I've found him eating markers, digging in the litter box like you would a sand box, dumping out his water bottle, chewing on my tooth brush, standing on the counters and eating my faux pumpkin decorations.

2. Leo is climbing more, talking more and understanding more every day.  He spilled/dumped out his drink this week and then went to get a towel to clean it up.  He can match up his shoes and put them on himself most of the time.  He wants to do exactly what the big kids are doing and gets annoyed if he gets treated differently (ie if I try to carry him or give him a little snack bowl instead of a big one).

3. Dum Dums are life.  Almost anything can be cured by a Dum-Dum when you're one.

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  1. Oh my goodness; your littlest does sound like a handful. But he is so darn cute! I am getting so annoyed with the mail lady shoving packages into our box that I literally have to pry and pull on for what seems like forever to get them out. But thankfully they haven't broken our mailbox with one-- that's crazy! Hoping your daughter has a fabulous time at her first friend party.


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