Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Summer Day in the Life

Hey!  It's time for a day in the life post.  I love looking back on these day in the life posts years later.  So here is a little glimpse into our Summer days with an 8 year old, 5 year old and a 1 year old with Kevin working full time and me being home full time with a part time side hustle.


6:45-7:30am My Leo alarm goes off for the day.  If it's not a Leo alarm, it's a Fletcher alarm.  Olive no longer has any interest in being the first one up in the morning.

7:30am Wake up the house - turn on the lights, open the curtains, get a cup of iced coffee and hop on the computer for a bit to make sure everything is up and running with my blog, social media and keeping an eye on the accounts for my mom's group.

8:15am Make breakfast for everyone - cinnamon toast, granola bars and cereal are the top requests.  If we are having a slow morning we'll do something warm like french toast sticks, bake bran muffins or banana muffins.  The kids watch some shows in the morning.

9:00am Everyone gets ready for the day - hair, teeth, fresh clothes and we're ready to go.  We make our beds, start laundry, do dishes and tidy up the place before we head out.  Kevin heads to work about the same time we head out.

9:30-11:30am We like to get out early to avoid the heat.  Meet friends at the park, go to a playgroup, run errands, grocery pick up, grab lunch, etc.  Or some days we stay home and play outside before it gets too hot.

12:00pm We try to be home/eating lunch around noon every day.  We all eat together and clean up the kitchen right away.  Leo goes down for a nap and the big kids are busy doing big kid things.

1-3:00pm I read aloud several chapters of a chapter book for the big kids (currently reading James & the Giant Peach).  I hop on the treadmill most days during nap time and we do some school review work, have art time where the kids can create, they play and I work on my blog.  They play on their tablets and really just play the day away.  We've been painting during art time this week.  We did paint brushes one day, finger painting another day and we'll do watercolors.  They also love Perler beads and Play-Doh when the baby is napping.  Leo wakes up and we gear up for the last half of the day.

3:00pm Snack time - fruit smoothies are a summer favorite for all 3.

3:30pm We play, go outside, ride bikes, check on the garden, water flowers, etc.  I will often start prepping things for dinner during this time because everyone is happy and playing.  If I wait until 5:00 to do everything, it's hard.  The baby needs lots more attention and it's hard to chop/prep foods when you're holding a 30lb chunk :)  We also take a moment to pick up the house at this time.  Toys get put away, a quick vaccuum and wipe down the counters for the millionth time.  Cleaning up after our meals and then a couple times throughout the day really help keep the place neat and tidy.

5:00pm Kevin gets home and is ready to go on a walk or play outside.  In the Summer time, he gets home at a different time every day.  His schedule is flexible and we're thankful for that.

6:15pm We eat dinner together most nights.  I cook, Kevin grills or we get takeout.  The kids usually turn in their tablets at dinner time and they're done for the night.

6:30pm Eat dinner, clean up the kitchen, bath time, games, playing and we all work together to tidy up the house before bed.  Teamwork makes the dream work!

If we have a meeting or a golf league event, we tag team the dinner/bedtime routine.  We alternate our meeting days so that Kevin's golf days are different than my board meeting nights.  It saves us big time not having to pay a babysitter and the kids seem happiest when their routine is the same with mom or dad putting them to bed.

7:30pm Leo is ready for bed.  The big kids watch a show or play.

8:30ish Olive & Fletcher are ready for bed.  Kevin reads a chapter book with them every night - they're currently reading a book from the Hatchet sequel series.

9:30pm Kevin and I enjoy some quiet time.  He catches up on news/shows and we have a dessert together.  Today it's brownies and ice cream.  We have different taste in shows so we each watch our own shows.  Kevin heads to bed first.  I stay up late working on things for my business, my blog or my mom's group and then finish off the night with some binge watching on Netflix.  I'm currently watching Jane the Virgin and can't wait to start Virgin River season 3.  The cats stick close by my side all night and love the individual attention.

Midnight-ish - time for bed for me!

Do we have any similarities in our routines?  Do you wake up super early or stay up super late?  I'm a major night owl and always have been.  I get so much down from 9-mightnight every night..


  1. Whew. As always, your DITL posts make me tired! :) You do a great job of managing your time and keeping everyone busy & happy. I am much more of an early person than a night owl, as long as I don't have to talk before 8 AM. :) By the way, I'm two episodes in to season 3 of Virgin River and it is so good!

  2. I always love these fun posts. Your days sound super busy, but also like a lot of fun. You’re so smart to have the kids help you clean up as you go so it doesn’t all fall on your shoulders. You are so great at time management!


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