Friday, July 23, 2021

Friday Faves

Happy Friday!  I hope you've had a great week.  We had a good one despite Fletcher not feeling great for several days.  We're all feeling good now and ready for the weekend.

Let me share my Friday Fave moments from the week with you!

1 // 40 Charcuterie board!

My favorite thing that I've made all week... maybe all Summer was this 40 charcuterie board for my husband's 40th birthday!  It was such a fun themed dinner.  He really enjoyed it and so did the kids.  I loved making the 40 boards and am adding them to my shop.  People are excited about them!

2 // Normal Things

It's so nice to see some normal things returning.  We all went to the store to pick out a birthday present for a party the kids are going to on Friday.  We spotted this penny horse ride at Meijer.  It had been put away for over a year thanks to covid.  Leo had never gotten a chance to go for a ride.  He LOVED it and we loved watching him.

3 // Summer Fun

Every day we're getting out and about, going to parks, meeting up with friends and trying to enjoy our Summer days together.  Summer is really flying by so fast.  All the kids have grown so much, but Leo is really looking less and less like a baby every day.  He's a big guy.

4 // 18 holes & a fox

Kevin's been playing a lot of golf this Summer.  He snapped this picture during his round this week and couldn't wait to show it to us.  Of course, Olive asked him What did the fox say?  Such a handsome guy!

5 // Patio Meetings

My mom's group has been meeting at different patios all over the area.  I have had dinner and desserts on lots of different patios with the board planning lots of fun events for the coming months.  We tried a new Mexican place recently and this week was pie on the patio from Grand Traverse Pie Company.  Yum!

6 // Salad of the Week

I figured out that I do best eating salads when I eat the same salad several times in one week.  I buy all the ingredients, chop veggies for several salads at once and then change up the dressing each day.  This was so good - tons of veggies, ham, hard boiled eggs on a bed of romain lettuce.

7 // Lemon Love Charcuterie Boxes

I'm building lemon themed charcuterie boxes today and tomorrow for my Jordan Bakery Boxes.  They're going to be SO CUTE!  I was really excited to find all of this lemon stuff at Aldi this month.

8 // Feeling Good

I've been on such a good roll with exercising in June and July.  I feel really good and proud of myself for making this a top priority.  I think it's so easy for moms to focus on everyone else in the family so I literally put exercising on my to do list every single day.

9 // Art in the Afternoon

We've been enjoying art in the afternoon most afternoons at home.  The kids have been loving the free time to paint.  We did all kinds of paints, all kinds of brushes and Leo caused all kinds of chaos in the background :)

10 // Kitty Smiles

It makes me smile when I catch a kitten smile :)

Cheers to a nice weekend!!  We're celebrating our anniversary and hoping to have a great weekend!  Hope you have a good one, too :)

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  1. Yes, yes, YES to celebrating things going back to normal!! I love it! There's nothing quite like a restaurant dedicated entirely to pie. There's one near here that my sister and I have been wanting to try for a while. Was that peach pie? It looks amazing. And Happy anniversary to you and Kevin!

  2. Happy anniversary! Your week looks wonderful. As usual your salads look scrumptious and I love the lemon themed box! Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. I'm sorry to hear that F was under the weather. That lemon themed board looks incredible. I love the lemon girl scout cookies, and that Aldi version looks like a perfect dupe. Way to go with the walking! I have cut back on my distance lately due to the Tx heat. Can't wait for cooler mornings in Sept. Happy anniversary this weekend!

  4. Your snack boards look delicious! I usually make up a huge salad or two each week and I have them for lunch with different cheeses or meats on top and change up the dressings or even add some fresh fruit and then we each have a small bowl of salad with dinner most nights too.

  5. I would be interested in what kinds of events and outings you do with your moms group. Could you add that to your future blog topics?


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