Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Leo is ONE

Happy Birthday Leo!!

You are cruising through your baby milestones and seem to be less and less of a baby every day.  

Olive often remarks that she wishes you could stay little forever.  

We all agree.  You are our favorite baby.

It seems like just yesterday we were nervously heading to the hospital on your birthday.  

Your delivery and hospital stay were filled with so many firsts for us - Covid, C-Section, no visitors allowed and so many extra restrictions in place.  We had no idea then that we'd get to spend so much time together as a family of 5 in the coming year.  None of our babies got as much quality family time and sibling snuggles as you.

Leo's Birth Story: Part 1 and Leo's Birth Story: Part 2

Mom LOVES Leo:

You'll always be the biggest, best surprise of my life.  God just knew our family needed you to complete it.  You have the biggest brown eyes and I think you're going to have brown hair.  You're sweet, snuggly, busy, good at climbing, happy to go along with anything we're doing and you love mom the most.

You love your nigh-night (blanket) and ba ba (bottle).  You love to swing, dump everything out of every drawer, play with toys, eat snacks and you love the water.  Bath time is always the highlight of your day.  You can wave, stick out your tongue on command and say Mama, Dada, No, ba-ba  for bottle and seem to be working on lots of new sounds.

Dad LOVES Leo:

"He's so rascally.  He gets into everything!  He makes all kinds of funny sounds and words.  He also has lots of cool tricks like sticking out his tongue."  

Olive LOVES Leo: 

"I love his baby talk.  I love his sweet kitty face.  I love playing peek a boo and when he chases us.  He is my favorite baby brother."

Fletcher LOVES Leo:

"That your cheeks are so squishy!  I love playing with you, I love swinging you and going in the tree house with you.  I love to make him laugh and to snuggle him.  He's a good brother.  I love him."


Thanks for the birthday card Uncle Ray!

We can't wait to celebrate Leo today!


  1. You are quite welcome! Hope that you all have a fun day!

  2. Happy Birthday Leo! He's starting to look more like a toddler and less like a little baby. You will always have a record of the sweet memories each family shares about the birthday boy (and others since I know you do this for each birthday.)

  3. Happy birthday, Leo! What a sweet, sweet little guy! Loved reading everyone’s words to him - so precious!

    I had forgotten he was a c-section. Were your other two as well? My two were - Havalah was breech and then Henry was just going to be a huge baby so we option c-section. 🤪My sis in law is about to deliver, and she’s really hoping to have a vbac after two c-sections.


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