Friday, April 9, 2021

Friday Favorites: Leo Edition

We were so excited to spend our week celebrating Leo turning ONE!  

The year has flown by and been so strange in so many ways.  It's been a weird one, but we had so many things to be thankful for.  Leo slept in on his birthday.  I got the big kids off to school and then we headed outside to take a few birthday pictures.

He looked so handsome and grown up now.

Olive told me the other day, "I'm sorry Mom, but I just cannot say no to that face!"  I understand.

Leo loves french fries.  After we ran a few errands I swung through the drive thru at Culvers for his first kids meal - cheeseburger, fries and I added some strawberries.  HE LOVED IT!

He got a couple of bigger toys - a slide for inside.  He also loved that.

I told Olive and Fletcher that it was their job to make Leo's birthday s fun as possible for him.  They played with him, tickled him and had a fun day together.

Kitty snuggles.  It's really sweet to see Leo learning how to be a cat guy.  He's also climbing everything - onto tables, into the window seat, up on furniture, etc.  He's a busy boy.

He opened gifts after school with Olive and Fletcher.  He wasn't really into opening much after the first rip or two.  Good thing he's got great helpers.

Then everyone played with his new toys.

I set an alarm to snap a picture of him at 4:33pm the exact time he was born a year ago :)  I felt sentimental about my baby being one all day long!  I just can't believe it.

I made a Funfetti cake for him.  He got his own mini cake and they I did a layered cake for us.  My favorite combo is a boxed cake mix with homemade frosting.  I love how his jungle cake turned out.  I'm not a big icing fan.  This naked style of icing a cake is perfect for me.  Add some sprinkles and jungle animals and it was perfect.

It's good to be sooooooo loved.

Love at first bite!  Leo loved his cake!!

And now a few other non-birthday highlights...

I added some new kid art to our playroom art wall.  The kids love seeing their art on display.  Lots of these things were made at school.  They bring them home and I add the favorites to our wall.  I'm not sure that they will be things that I save forever, but we will enjoy them and display them for a while.

We met some friends at the park.  The boys loved this double swing.  And now that Leo is walking a bit he was able to explore on his own a bit.

The cats got lots of attention!  Penny LOVES Fletcher.  I was working at my desk and looked up to see this.  Penny & Fletcher snuggling.  It's so sweet.  It makes me smile every time Fletcher talks about how he's a cat guy.

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Leo is ONE


Happy Birthday, Dad!  We get to celebrate Leo's birthday with family this weekend, celebrate my dad's birthday, Olive has basketball games and get a couple things done around the house.  It should be a fun family weekend.  I hope you have a great weekend, too.  Do you have any fun plans?

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  1. You’ll have to send me a video of Leo walking! So cute! I can’t believe he is one already! I always took pics of my kids on their birth time too - for lots of years! :)

  2. I LOVE the photos of the boys with the kittens!


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