Wednesday, April 29, 2020

April Highlights

It's hard to believe we're wrapping up another month.  Time seems to be going very slow and very fast all at the same time.  I haven't done a highlights post all month and figured it was time. 

The most appropriate title for this post would probably be April Highlights: Leo Edition. 

He was definitely the highlight of our April and our 2020.

 SO many baby snuggles.  Leo loves his mom, his paci and being swaddled.

It's been wonderful to have a baby + big kids.  They are eager to help 99% of the time.

You guys... I'm not sure I'll ever get used to wearing a mask in public.  It's so strange, but I do it to protect my family and others.  It's so hard to be friendly, to interact with others and go about life wearing a mask.  Major hats off to all of the front line and essential workers who wear masks all day every day.  Are you wearing a mask when you're out and about?  The majority of people I've encountered are wearing them.  Thank  heavens for friends who can sew and made a set of masks for our whole family.

 Sleepy baby.  You forget how much a newborn sleeps... during the DAY.  Ha!

Thankful for this guy tag teaming being up at night with Leo.  It's been wonderful to have an extra adult home with me all day every day.

Leo's fan club.

Why am I sitting down here when you could be holding me??  Dinner prep.  Someone has to do it.

Zoom Calls with her class make Olive SO happy.

Third kid life.  Naps on the deck while the big kids play.

Olive, Fletcher & Leo all wore this outfit.

Fletcher & Leo.  They definitely look like brothers, but I'm not so sure they'd pass for twins.

All day every day.

Olive the reading machine.  She reads so much!  It's amazing to watch her reading improve every day.  Another blessing of being home together for the remainder of first grade.  Getting a front row seat to her learning.  Although she reminds me often that she REALLY misses school.

Baby wearing.

Long walks around the neighborhood to stop and smell the flowers.

I told them to stand close together for a picture.  All the heart eyes for this pose!

2 week check up with this hunk.  Doing great.  Eating great.  Keep up the good work, Leo.

So many hours spent playing in the backyard.

Double tulips are my most favorite.  They look like a peony tulip.  Ours look gorgeous this spring.

Olive lost her front tooth.  It fell out in the middle of the night.  She came in and handed it to me.  Kids are creepy!  Then we somehow lost it in the house the next day.  Good thing the tooth fairy doesn't need the actual tooth to stop by the house.

One more squishy baby pic to wrap up the month.

I hope April was good to you and that May will be even better!  We have high hopes of great weather, good times and Olive turning 7 in May.  Lots to look forward to!


  1. What a sweet month!! I'm telling you, you have the most adorable children. <3 It's so sweet to see Olive and Fletcher cuddled around Leo. I am sure this month has presented you with some huge challenges, but I'm thanking the Lord with you for His grace in the good things He's given you, too. Thanks for sharing them with us! <3

  2. Sweet babies! Leo is just precious! What a great month!


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