Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter Weekending

We had a fun Easter weekend despite the less than ideal rainy, cold weather!  We made yummy treats, dyed eggs, hunted eggs, went to a bunny brunch and went to Easter church.   It was a great family filled weekend.

Easter Family Picture.  It was freezing, but we really enjoyed the church service.

Egg carton lunches were a big hit all week long.

There were definitely more highs than lows from our weekend so I'll give you a little run down of both.  Let's start with the lows because they're funny now...

1. Fletcher got his head stuck inside of his Easter basket on the way to our egg hunt.  He was riding in his car seat and started screaming.  I turn around to help him and realize he's really stuck.  I shimmy his head out of the basket only to realize he's scraped up his entire forehead on the scalloped basket edges.

2. Olive snuck into the Easter egg dyeing kit while I was putting Fletcher down for a nap.  She got out all of the supplies she thought we needed according to the back of the box.  I came out to a counter full of water filled cups, egg dye tablets in each and all the stickers out.  She was ready to go.  She was so proud and I was just thankful the mess wasn't worse.  She said she was excited to be so helpful and I quickly reminded myself that my way isn't always the best way.

3. We're enjoying a yummy Easter brunch.  In a split second, Fletcher grabs a handful of blackberries and smears them into the bright white table cloth.  I was mortified and hope they've got some super start stain removing trick.

4. We head out to the golf course for the egg hunt.  They let the littlest kids go first.  I head out with Fletcher and this little boy blows past us.  He gets going too fast and barrel rolls himself and his basket down the hill.  His parents are running along behind him.  I hold Fletcher's basket while he grabs a couple eggs.  I look down and he's found as many golf balls as Easter eggs.  He's thrilled.

5. Easter church.  We head to church early.  Have to park much farther away than usual.  Are rushing into the service.  Olive trips and falls on the way in.  She's fine.  Church is packed.  Head to the cry room with the kids.  Fletcher cries.  We all settle in and really enjoy the Easter service.  Head to brunch at our favorite spot - Dennys.  Olive knocks over her drink seconds after getting it.  Thankfully it's water and we have a great rest of the meal.  When it's time to go Fletcher runs back into the kitchen.  We hurry home.

So just remember...

There are lot of cute pictures in this post, but there was plenty of chaos behind the scenes.

I gathered all the kid's favorite things and stuffed their Easter eggs with a mix of salty and sweet things.  The Tootsie Roll EGGS were the favorite.  Our sweet neighbors brought each of us chocolate bunnies.  They make all kinds of fancy chocolates for every holiday.  I always look forward to their treats!

Bunny Brunch
This was our 3rd annual bunny brunch.

2017 Bunny Brunch

2016 Bunny Brunch

We had a great time.  The food was tasty and the kids enjoyed all of the activities.  It was freezing so we didn't last long without our coats.  Olive was excited to give Fletcher some egg hunting tips.

My kids were really excited to see the Easter Bunny.  They followed him around giving high fives, smiles and pretty happily sat by him for pictures.  I always feel like he could use some bunny clothes, but they didn't ask for my input :)

Fletcher is quickly catching up to Olive.

Their personalities perfectly captured in one picture.  

Brunch was delicious - quiche, ham, eggs, cheesey potatoes, berries, eggs and more.

Remember my story from above??  Here's his scratched up, blackberry stained face as proof.  

I spy... Easter eggs!

We prayed that the rain would stay away until after the hunt and it did.  We finished hunting eggs/golf balls and it started raining.

 Another great Bunny Brunch in the books :)

Popcorn & Easter movies :)

Dyeing Eggs.  Easily the most stressful holiday activity we do all year.  Thankfully the kids were fast and we only ended up with one green hand casualty.  

Olive loves all the bunnies around this time of year.  She also wore her Easter dress all weekend!

Easter baskets ready to go.  The bendy bunnies, kites, striped cookies and bunny mason jar cups were a big hit.

All smiles after church!

We love breakfast at Dennys!!

Egg hunt!  We were so glad the rain stayed away.  Our yard was MUDDY after a week of rain so the bunny very thoughtfully placed the eggs all along the driveway and front sidewalk.

I cooked an easy Easter dinner with all of our favorites.  I used an assortment of my grandma's dishes that I love and we made Resurrection Rolls for dessert.  I had the kids make place cards while I worked on dinner.  They loved it.

Thankful for a great holiday with my family!!  What was the highlight of your Easter??

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  1. You packed a lot of Easter fun into the week! Love it! I also love your balanced perspective of the highlight reels - I had the same thoughts on my mind this morning. It's so much fun to reflect on the good moments, but we forget that those are always accompanied by spills, traffic and heads stuck in buckets. LOL. I love your Easter Brunch outfit! Your kids look so cute and springy, even with their winter coats. That's pretty much Easter in Indiana, isn't it! Been there, done that! :) Our Easter dinner was pretty similar to yours (also served on Gramma's dishes) except I didn't make mac and cheese. That would have been delish!

  2. Poor Fletcher and his head! We had lots of chaos, too. Glad to know I'm not the only one!

  3. What a fun and realistic blog post to read. Life with children is never dull and Easter is no exception. Enjoy your blog.

  4. Aw poor Fletcher! Glad to hear he was okay and that you all had a great Easter weekend.

  5. First, let me say that your supper looks A-MAZ-ing!!! We had a few Easter hiccups. Jack woke up Easter morning with a 24 hour stomach virus. Thankfully, we had a lot of Easter fun the day before. We had lots of family come over for an outdoor fish fry (it was in the 70s here) and Jack was able to make a quick trip outside to hunt for a few eggs. Thankfully he was feeling fine Monday and was able to get back to school.

  6. Oh poor Fletchy! Love the sharing of the real life moments, and love the happy moments even more! Beautiful family! Glad yall had a great Easter0 everyone looks fab!

  7. We (I) like to go out for brunch after Easter church. We tried a new place, and they had the most amazing roasted sweet potato salad. I kind of want to ask for the recipe, haha.


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