Tuesday, April 3, 2018

4 Ways to Save in April

April is a pretty quiet month at our house.  I am looking forward to a few low key weeks with no major activities going on for us.  I'm excited to share the ways we're planning to save money this month with you.

1. This month seemed like the perfect month to do a MINIMAL SPENDING MONTH.

I've heard of people doing NO SPEND MONTHS, but that just doesn't seem doable for us. 

Instead we are going to focus on not buying extra things, using up what we already have at home and saving money.  That'll involve sticking to our grocery lists, very little Amazon spending, avoiding browsing stores and holding each other accountable.  We like to talk about ways we've saved money each day to hold each other accountable.  I'm also hoping to take some things to local resale shops to make a little extra money this month.  I know it'll feel great to declutter and to have some extra cash!

2. Know Where to Find the Best Deal
I was tempted to buy a $40 box of diapers at Sams the other day.  I had both kids with me and was trying to make as few stops as possible.  It was convenient because I was already there, but I knew that I wasn't getting a good deal.  I opted instead to head to Aldi and save big.  Instead of spending $40 on ONE box of name brand diapers, I went to Aldi and got 12 items for $40. 

TWO boxes of diapers
3 boxes of fruit pouches
Thin mints
2 pkgs of string cheese
Peanut butter crackers
Crescent Rolls
= $40!!!

3. Mark Downs
I have been paying more attention to the mark downs at my grocery store.  I shop at Meijer pretty regularly and they keep their mark downs on end caps as well as mixing in the mark downs with the regular products in the refrigerated cases.  I'd never paid much attention to the see mark downs in the bagged produce section until recently.  I got super deals on a giant bag of broccoli that we'll use for roasted broccoli and two big bags of fresh green beans.  They were both 40% off.  I brought them home and popped all of them in the freezer. 

I always pick up containers of spinach when they're marked down.  We eat a lot of spinach for salads and smoothies.  You just can't beat 40% off those big containers.

My only warning is to be sure to check expiration dates.  Usually things are nearing their expiration date if they're marked down, but they're still perfectly fine.  I've found Lara bars, M&Ms, pretzels and cereals that we love marked down.  I just make sure to eat them first and enjoy the good deal!

4. Sales at Sams
I like to stock up on favorites when they go on sale at Sams.  Peanut Butter, produce, meats and baking items are always things I look for when they go on sale.  I picked up this huge bag of Brussels sprouts recently because they were on sale for $3.  We like to eat them as a side and this will probably be enough for us to eat three different times.

What are some fun ways you save your family money??


  1. You cannot beat Aldi diapers. I love them so much. It's a little out of my way to get there so I stock up when I go! I love your tips too :) I love finding marked down produce and meat that I can freeze if I don't eat it right away! xoxo ERIN

  2. The minimal spend month is something we need to implement. It's so hard with birthdays almost every month in the spring! Though we are done with diapers we still have some pull ups and I opted for the grocery store brand instead of the name brand and saved so much!

  3. I'm also doing a minimal spend month! I'm spending the month not eating out for breakfast and lunch. I'm keeping those meals as healthy as possible. I've just started roasting veggies and I'm loving them cooked this way. How do you cook your brussel sprouts? I've never had them in my life. I think I need to at least try them this month.

  4. I think the markdown's at Sam's or Costco are such good deals. I try to pick up things I know I'll use when they are on special. The minimal spend month is a great idea.

  5. I always try to find meat that is marked down. I freeze probably 99% of the meat we buy, so I don't have to try and use it before its expiration date. Definitely a good way to save money!


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