Monday, April 30, 2018

Veggie Bowls

I have to share my new favorite dinner recipe with you today!

It's healthy, easy and so good.

Veggies Bowls w Teriyaki Chicken

I grabbed all the veggies in my fridge.  Chopped them up into bite size pieces.  Sauteed them in olive oil.  Baked the chicken with teriyaki glaze.  Then we all built our own bowls.  The kids weren't interested in the veggies, but loved the chicken and rice.  The adults loved all the veggies.

Yellow onion
Purple Onion
Red, Yellow & Orange peppers
Brussels Sprouts
Green Beans
Baked chicken
Teriyaki Glaze
Olive oil
Soy sauce
White Rice

I added a little white rice in the bottom of our bowls and my kids ate the rice with their chicken.  These veggie bowls were delicious for dinner and leftover the next day.

 This is an easy dinner that I almost always have all of the ingredients for at my house.

Then we had peach cobbler for dessert!  You can find my recipe here.


  1. that looks so yummy! What teriyaki glaze did you use?

  2. Yum, yum, yum! You’ll have to share what teriyaki glaze you like. I am always looking for one that is a little bit sweet. Your dinners always look delicious!


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