Monday, April 23, 2018

Summer Target Haul

I ran in Target to grab a few things the other day and had to share them with you.  I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was on the hunt for some sunnies for my kids.  I can't stand the idea of paying much for them since my kids are so hard on them.  Several friends messaged me that Target Dollar Spot had a good assortment of ONE DOLLAR sunnies.  Yes, please!

Let me show you what I found.

Every trip to Target starts at the Dollar Spot for me...

Road Trip Supplies:
We have some fun summer road trips coming up so I'm trying to stock up when I see cute things for cheap.  There was Road Trip Bingo for $1 that will be so fun in the car.  I think Olive will be old enough to enjoy it and there are no loose parts.  The covers just slide right over the pictures.  I also found these sticker sets for $1 - dinosaurs and mermaids.  Tons of stickers in each.

These were also in the Dollar Spot.  They were $1 a pair so we stocked up.  I know things like this won't last long so I grabbed boy options and let Olive pick out her favorites.  They are kid size instead of toddler size so I think they'll fit my large headed kids really well.  How cute are the sprinkle pair and the two toned blue/green ones??  Major deal!

Boys T-shirts.
I didn't intend to do any clothes shopping, but I couldn't pass up these tees for Fletcher.  I just love the pattern mixing and they are SO SOFT.  This Well Worn brand is new to me.  I'd not seen or hear dof it before at Target.  They had several cute things that I was tempted to buy.  This cactus shirt felt nicer than their usual tees and more like a boutique tee.  And the best part was that it was only $7.99!!
Chambray print tee by Cat & Jack.  I love this combo and it was only $6.

Click the pictures below for more details on both shirts from Target:

What's your favorite Target find lately??

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  1. We have that navy striped shirt for Solon :) Love it!! I always get sucked into a few purchases in the dollar spot and I wish my kids would wear sunglasses, I think they are so cute!

  2. Alice seriously needs some sunnies! And I'm trying to keep myself from buying the goat bookends in the Hearth and Home collection!

  3. Finn just wore that striped shirt this week! Same color and everything. I couldn't resist :)

  4. LOVE those shirts you got Fletcher!! And I need to pick up some of those $1 sunglasses...we are ALWAYS losing a pair around our house and if I had some extra on hand- I bet it would save me A LOT of drama. HA!

  5. I got those bingo boards too! I need to get some more activity books before we hit the road this summer!

  6. We don't have a Target nearby but I have found several shirts at Walmart that are just too cute and only $3.88. I picked up three on Friday. I'm a fan of the pattern shirts and not the ones that have characters or phrases. I need to stock up on sun glasses for Jack.

  7. We have those Bingo Boards, too! I bought them before vacation last Summer and my girls still use them.


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