Friday, April 20, 2018

The Highlights

Happy Friday!!  Hope you had a great week.  We were busy and had loads of fun!

The best parts were:

Fashion Show.
Olive and I were invited to participate in a Matilda Jane fashion show with our friends and had so much fun!  We got to check out a new winery in town and we just love their clothes.  They have the cutest clothes for moms and kids.  I love stocking up on their clothing when they go on sale.  I was so excited about our outfits.  I think I'm going to have to order some of our favorite pieces.  Olive had the best time.  It's so fun to see her make friends and I've loved getting to know their moms.  It's hard to find moms and kids you all love hanging out with.  Thankful for this crew!

Eat the Rainbow.
We've been eating lots of fruits and veggies!  I asked my family to tell me the fruits and veggies they wanted to eat for the week.  Then I added them to my grocery list.  They were all excited to see their favorites in our fridge.  I washed and prepped everything in bulk so that it was ready to grab from the fridge.  I also made a yummy baked egg & roasted veggie dish.

Tooth Hurty.
I am not a big fan of going to the dentist because something is almost always needing attention and requiring costly repairs in my mouth.  This week I went in for a follow up appointment to figure out what's going on.  I got some unexpected news that requires a couple more appointments.  I'm thankful to know what's going on, but not super excited to have it fixed.

Heated Seats.
My new van has heated seats.  I swore I'd never use them, but I ate my words this week.  Temps dropped down into the 30s again and you better believe I enjoyed the toasty seats.  The kids just care about the DVD player.  This floral sweatshirt is also a favorite.  I wear it a couple times a week if not more.

The sun was shining a lot this week!  We got out and played, worked in the yard and went for as many walks as possible.  It was great.

Mermaids & Pirates Party.
Our children's museum hosted the cutest mermaids & pirates night.  My kids dressed up and loved all of the special exhibits - Moana yoga, sea creatures, face painting, Ariel the musical, seashell jewelry, etc.  I can't recommend a museum membership enough if you've got little kids.  We use ours weekly for science classes, play dates, special family events and more.  Totally worth the investment for all of the learning opportunities.

One of moms groups scheduled an open gym playgroup yesterday and my kids had a blast.  They jumped, bounced and played hard all morning. 

Fletcher strolls around with his hands in his pocket looking like a teenager this week.

You Can Stay Home with Your Kids!
I finished Erin Odom's newest book You can Stay Home with Your Kids!  100 Tips, tricks and ways to make it work on a budget.  It was a quick read that was jam packed with ideas for stay at home moms.  I think the book is best for new moms hoping to stay home with their children.  There are a lot of common sense tips that come with territory of parenting so I didn't find a ton of new information in the book.  I wish the list of apps, websites and information would have been more detailed.  I was surprised to find some DIY recipes.  The book is organized into different categories and I loved that Odom points out that choosing to stay home with your kids will mean that you'll have to make certain sacrifices.  She is encouraging to all moms and it's obvious that she wants to help moms on a budget.  This would be a fun book to read with a moms group I wish there would have been more ideas for free activities with kids at home or on the go.  I'd gift this book to new moms.  *This book was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review of it from BookLook.

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Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  We've got some fun plans with friends and are hoping to get some yard work done if the weather cooperates.

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  1. It looks like you had a good week. Those are some nice clothes and it looks like the kids had fun. My kids really like Gymnastics, I really should play to go again soon.

  2. What a fun week! I love the fashion show!
    Girl, we use our heated seats every morning! Ian turns our seats on every morning on the way to school! HA

  3. Heated seats are the best! I don't like having the heat blowing on me from the vents, and I find that the warmth from the seat is just enough to take the chill off without making me sweat through my layers. :) Paul's car has COOLED seats which are the best for our hot summers!

  4. Looks like a fun and busy week! That fashion show sounded so special! And the museum party too! So sorry to hear about the dentist �������� Hopenits not too painful and pricey!

  5. So much fun stuff (minus the hurty tooth!--but I love your booties haha). That egg dish looks super yum! We've been enjoying all of the fruits that are coming into season lately. Ella is obsessed with pineapple and oranges now!

  6. Heated seats are just the best! They honestly helped me so much this winter. My drive to school is short, but the heated seats were definitely in action when I got there! The fashion show looks so fun!

  7. Oh my gosh with his hands in his pockets! Too cute.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. My son used to love to have his hands in his pockets when he was little! So cute. I had to make sure to buy him shorts without pockets to wear for sports teams...otherwise, he wanted his hands in his pockets during the game. Y'all look so cute in the Matilda Jane!

  9. I LOVE Matilda Jane!!! I especially love it as the girls get older and do not want to match identically… It’s so great to be able to buy coordinating pieces that all go together but aren’t matching Matchy matchy.
    I Have great luck finding it on Zulily for pretty reasonable sale prices! Love the idea of a pirate and mermaid theme! We aren’t doing a big birthday party for Marshall but we are getting pirate decorations and paper products for his little family birthday party… I should have a girls dress up in their little mermaid costumes! Hope you have such a fun weekend with your sweet family!

  10. Heated seats ARE the best, but automatic doors are why I will never get an SUV! #minivanforlife, haha! Happy weekend!

  11. Y'all do the best activities together! You are such a great mom and your kids are lucky to have you! I have been loving the sunshine too! The wind has been brutal though. Have a great weekend!

  12. I can't get behind minivans haha, but heated seats are another story! I use mine everyday no matter the weather. I just think it feels good on my back ha!

  13. Silly! WHY would you be thikning you'd pass on those heated seats!?! One of my favorite car perks for sure. Anthony's truck even has air conditioned seating. That's kind of weird for me. haha Sorry about the dental stuff- I'm the biggest wimp in the world about the dentist and just thinking about it gives me anxiety. Cute kiddos!

  14. I have enthusiastically used every upgraded feature that my new car came with. My first car had a tape deck, so now I'm enjoying the finer things in car life, haha.


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