Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, Friends!

We have definitely packed in the Halloween fun this week!  I hope you've enjoyed all of your favorite traditions with your favorite people.  We have a busy day of fun things with our friends today.

We went to our 3rd annual Fall Party at the country club.  It feels so good to be establishing these fun traditions year after year with our kids.  We went with some friends, enjoyed some festive food, voted on a pumpkin decorating contest, roasted marshmallows and capped the night off with a hayride.  It was our first COLD night in the 30s so we all had to bundle up.

Punk Rocker Pumpkin & Bunny Ballerina showed up for the party :)

She thinks these vampire teeth are HILARIOUS.  She keeps surprising me with them.

The leaves are just getting prettier and prettier in Indiana.

Olive has never wanted to get her face painted before so I was surprised that she definitely wanted to do it this year.  She said down and said I want a bat!  Then she wore the bat on her cheek for a couple of days.

We went on a sunset hayride around the golf course with friends.  Fletcher wasn't so sure about it, but Kevin was able to convince him that it was a lot of fun.  He ended up yelling MOON anytime he saw the moon and the kids thought it was funny that you could see our breath since it was so cold out.

The kids went to a fun Halloween party at our local Bricks 4 Kidz Duplo event.  Olive was happy to build and Fletcher was happy to destroy per usual.

We've been eating festive food.  Fun lunches for the kids and cute waffles for breakfast.

I remembered last minute that I never bought or made any Halloween cards.  So I commissioned Olive (paid with Halloween candy) to paint me some pumpkin cards.  They turned out so cute!

We spent a fun afternoon at the children's museum. The kids loved all of the Halloween inflatables.

My boys looking so cute in their Fall layers.  Poor Fletcher still hates shoes hence the pained look on his face.

We hadn't carved pumpkins in YEARS so we made a point to do it this year.  We had a great time.  Olive gave directions and was grossed out by the guts.  Fletcher loved watching and the adults decided pumpkin carving was harder than we remembered.  My hands were sore the next day!

This cute Ballerina Bunny headed off to a fun day at school.  She had a parade, class party and came home with an Oreo mustache.  PreK is so much fun!

I was extra thankful for a sweet friend who texted me a couple of pictures of Olive during the party!

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  1. What a fun Halloween you guys have had. The kids getting bigger really just make every year a little bit more special. I hope you guys go out with a bang and have all kinds of fun today!

  2. All these fun activities and memories you are making. So cute! happy Halloween! xoxo ERIN

  3. Oh my goodness, so many fun things! I am always relieved that Jon does thenpumpkin carving - I agree that it's hard work! Love O's pumpkin cards and your creative foods too. You are such a fun mom!

  4. We haven't carved pumpkins in a few years. I need to make sure we do it next year!

  5. I seriously laughed out loud at the vampire teeth. She is too much!


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