Friday, October 6, 2017

3 Things

Happy Friday!!  I hope you had a great week.  We had a good one - road trips, travel, baking, friends, pumpkins, school pictures and looking forward to Kevin's Fall Break this weekend.

I thought I'd change it up a bit this week and share 3 current things for each of us this week.

// Kevin //
1. His 3rd year of professor work has been BUSY.  He's gotten several new opportunities this year and he's working nonstop during the days - teaching, counseling, advising, supervising, writing, being on committees, consulting and researching.  We're really proud of him!

2. He traveled to Seattle to visit a friend last week and got to go to a fun craft beer festival.

3. Kevin is excited to report that his beloved Fighting Irish are 4-1 this season.  We love watching the games together and he's excited to see some big changes on the field this year.

// Whitney //
1. I am starting to really feel at home in our city.  I am always running into people we know.  I've got some really sweet friends and joined several moms groups.  The kids have great friends and we are never short on things to do.  I'm so thankful for this and my 2 years of hard work to settle into our city have really started paying off.

2.  I've started my Christmas shopping!  I have tried hard to be done with the majority of my shopping by December 1st and I've done a good job of that for the past few years.  I have found great deals on things at Sams, TJ Maxx and on-line so my Christmas gift stash is growing.  It makes me so happy to find the perfect gift for others.  When do you start your shopping??

3. Holiday decorations, foods and plans make me so happy!  I just love decorating our home for the holidays.  Our Halloween decor is really cute and festive.  No spooky or scary things here.  I've mentioned before that our mantel is one of my favorite spots to decorate.  And I think this Halloween mantel might be my all time favorite one.  I'll try to get a picture of it up on instagram (@polkadottyplace) today.  We also got a jump start on our Halloween art.  Aren't these little ghost footprints adorable??  Nevermind that my 1 year old and 4 year old have nearly the same size foot!

// Olive //
1.  She is LOVING preschool!  She is learning so much - counting by twos, tons of new songs, manners, prayers, friendship skills, letters, spelling, independence, etc.  It's so exciting to watch her catch the learning bug.  Also, if you need a full run down of the preschool day - who got in trouble, where everyone sat, snacks, playground stories, songs and imitating her teacher - she's your go to girl.

2. Olive has always had strong opinions about her clothes and now she's got some about her hair.  She pops out of bed in the morning and asks to go to Mama's Hair Boutique.  She only wants two buns - one on top and one in the back.

3. She's super creative, crafty and knows exactly what she wants.  She'd been asking to polish her nails herself.  I kept putting her off so she took matters into her own hands during art time.  She was THRILLED with her manicure.

// Fletcher //
1. He had his last bottle this week.  Fletcher has always been a Mama's boy, but I think his bottle might have ranked right up there with me.  He's never been a paci guy, loves his blanket and his bottle was his #1 comfort item.  His last one broke this week so we are done with bottles.  He's not entirely thrilled about this and asks me about them regularly.  I almost caved to his sweet baby blues, but I held on and just bought him some new sippy cups.  He can open the fridge now so he stands looking in asking for his "ba".

2. He refuses to wear any type of shoes.  He had a favorite Stride Rite pair, but recently outgrew them.  He throws an epic fit anytime I put shoes on him - new Stride Rites, FP Mocs, sandals, water shoes, etc.  Wish us luck with colder weather coming because he won't wear socks either.  He's seriously a sweet boy unless you try to cover up his feet. 

3. Fletcher turned 18 months old last week.  He blows kisses.  Tell him you love him and he smacks his lips.  Lay him down to sleep and he smacks his lips sending you a kiss.  He also climbs everything and is a complete tornado.  He also plays with all of his sister's toys when she's at school.  Shhhh don't tell her.

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  1. Whitney!!! I absolutely LOVED this post!!! Your beautiful family is precious and I am so happy that life is so wonderful for you!!! Have the best weekend friend!!!❤️

  2. Love that you switched things up this week too. Olive reminds me SO much of my Emily. That girl has a flare for fashion. I am sure that together there would be MANY giggles. I hope the bottle transition gets a bit easier for Fletcher. Big changes like that are always a bit of a shock, but soon enough all is almost forgotten. Happy weekend!

  3. What a fun post! and Oh Olive, she looks like a mess! Just like my Ella! Love her manicure! HA
    Hope Fletcher does ok without his "ba" Prayers for you friend and sanity! ;)

  4. Oh your babes are the cutest!
    And I've started Christmas shopping too! You can never start too soon!

  5. That is so funny that Fletcher won't wear shoes! I've started Christmas shopping, too!

  6. Olive did so good on her nails!! It's about how I do when I do my own nails haha!!! And what does your husband teach? I've always wondered that! Happy weekend!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  7. So glad that Olive is loving preschool! She is adorable in her cheerleader outfit!


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