Friday, June 9, 2017

Adventures in Strawberry Picking

We started the week by crossing something fun off of our summer bucket list.


It was our first time and I can safely say that the girls loved it.  We headed about 25 minutes north of our city to a cute little farm town with friends.  We happened to pick the hottest day of the week, but the skies and views were gorgeous.  These strawberries were definitely the favorite part of our week.

We sunscreened ourselves before we left home which worked out great.  We didn't have to apply it in the hot sun or wait for it to soak in.  Then we picked up our baskets and waited for the tractor to pick us up.  I didn't realize we'd get to go on a tractor ride so Olive was thrilled.  The tractor was too loud for Fletcher's liking so this picture perfectly captures our feelings about it - girls loved it and Fletcher wished it was quieter.  Lucky for him it was a quick ride.

We got dropped off with our friends and got busy picking.  Olive did a pretty great job picking the deep red berries, leaving the mushy ones behind and not eating too many.  She ended up with a strawberry mustache and it was so fun to see her learning the best way to pick berries.

Poor guy was mad about his shoes, mad about walking on the hay and all of his usual favorites were not making him happy.  I even brought our little stroller to keep him in the shade.  I guess I could have tried to wear him, but it was super hot so I doubt that would have been much better.  You win some, you lose some, I guess.  Olive and I picked fast and headed back to the car.  Fast forward a few days and three new teeth popped through his gums.  Guess it's hard to enjoy strawberry picking when your mouth is really hurting.

These two are best buds and they kept stopping to compare their baskets and snack.  It was so sweet :)

Waiting for our tractor ride back to the car.  Olive was so proud of her berry haul.

We scoped out the cherries, blueberries and the apples for Fall.  Can't wait to come back to pick some more produce!!

We got almost a whole basket full of berries and polished them off in no time.  They were so good and so fun to pick.  I think we'll definitely make this a yearly tradition.

Fletcher was back to smiling post nap, in the air conditioning stuffing his face full of strawberries.  His hair is looking extra strawberry blonde here.

We enjoyed strawberry salads, pound cake and strawberry snacks all week long!!

Have you been strawberry picking before??
Isn't it a yummy experiences :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. Oh my goodness!! What a fun morning! My mom would take us berry picking all the time when we were growing up- and can you believe- I have never taken my kids?!? I am thinking I am going to have to make this happen once we move to Greenville!!
    LOVE those vintage strawberry napkins from your Grandma- what a sweet treasure!!! :)

  2. So fun that y'all found a cute little berry patch. I need to look around to see if there is one closer to us. And I have to make that pound cake. I should check my pantry for ingredients now.

  3. WE love strawberry picking! Poor Fletcher!

  4. Aww, that looks like such a great time...for the most part! We are going through some teething struggles over here too. Beautiful pics, and that pound cake looks incredible!

  5. Olive is in the PERFECT strawberry-picking outfit!

  6. I want to take the girls berry picking so badly!

  7. Don't know if you've ever tried it, but homemade strawberry jam is pretty easy and tastes amazing with fresh berries and baked goods!

  8. What a wonderful time! We have tried to go the past two years and missed the window of picking! I just love strawberries!


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