Friday, June 23, 2017

The Best Parts

We've had a busy week full of fun things at our house!  We kicked off the good times with Father's Day, had friends over, took a quick road trip and enjoyed all things summery this week.  

Here are the best parts:

// 1 //
One of my summer projects was to learn how to braid my own hair.  Thanks to several youtube videos and practice my skills are improving.  

// 2 //
Speaking of skills that are improving... Fletcher's climbing skills are a little too good.  I found him hanging out on the couch this week and he's the master of figuring out how to get where he wants.  I found him standing on top of our picnic table and spend my days saving him from himself.

// 3 //
Once the kids were in bed Kevin headed to McDonalds to grab us sundaes.  It was a yummy treat.  It was nice to enjoy it and catch up on our days.

// 4 //
I whipped up a batch of this chunky salsa and we've been enjoying it all week.  We've dipped chips in it, put it on tacos and made Mexican pizzas with it.  It's delicious and SO COLORFUL!

// 5 //
These two love helping me in the kitchen and they especially love the taste testing part.  We made some chocolate chip cookies for our neighbors this week and they loved eating some dough.  I posted a cute video on instagram of them baking with me (@polkadottyplace)

// 6 //
We ate Kevin's favorite foods, did his favorite things and enjoyed a fun time with him for Father's Day.  He requested watching the US Open and relax on Sunday and that is just what we did.  Fletcher thought it was super interesting.  He kept pointing and saying What's that???  

// 7 //
Kevin taught Olive how to catch lightning bugs this week and she's obsessed.  Our backyard is FULL of lighting bugs for about 20 minutes at dusk so it's the perfect summer night game.  She's gotten really good at it :)

 // 8 //
Justine from Full Hands Full Heart and I have been bloggy friends for a couple of years now.  She's darling, has the best Wal-Mart and Aldi shopping tips and she keeps things real being a mom to five cute kiddos.  We planned a meet up in her town, had to reschedule a time or two and finally got to meet up this week!!  It was so much fun!!  Her kids are darling and my kids had the best time playing with them.  This splash park was so neat.  It made me wish we had one in our city.  

// 9 //

We received God Bless My School by Hannah C. Hall in the mail this week.  I was so excited for the school version of the God Bless book series because my daughter is struggling with back to school anxiety.  It'll be her first year to head off to school so the timing was perfect.  The book was wonderful!  The characters so sweet, the illustrations so happy and the message of the book was so encouraging.  I loved the reminder that God is always with us, there are new friends to be made and that there are so many things to pray about for heading back to school.  My daughter loves the book and we have started reading it daily.  She loves the rhyming text, seeing all the moms and kids and really enjoyed seeing some images of what school will be like.  It's the perfect book to get for your kids to get them excited for school.  I would highly recommend it and am thinking of giving a couple of copies as gifts.
*I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review of it from BookLook.

We are having the best summer!!!

Hope you had a great week :)

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  1. I want to braid my own hair too. I've been trying, but have failed most times. That splash pad looks so awesome!! We have a few near us, but my kids usually prefer the pool. Have a great weekend!

  2. I stink at braiding my own hair. I used to be able to, then I started braiding the girls and can't braid mine. Isn't that weird. Maybe some youtube videos are just what I need too. So fun that you were able to meet up with Justine. I have always wanted to meet one of my blogging buddies in real life. Have a great weekend friend!

  3. What a great week! I still am so amazed at Fletcher's climbing skills. I don't think either one of my kids were climbers… He is hilarious with that proud grin on his face! :-) tell me more about your Mexican pizza. Did you use pizza dough and spread the salsa on top? Sounds so delicious. Have a great weekend!

  4. My front ends of my hair don't always curl the best, so I end up putting my hair up once it dries. I wish I could braid. Might have to try youtube. Haha love Kevin's DuckTales shirt! Classic. Ice cream is our usual Sunday supper. Looks like that Splashpad date was fun! Those seem to be getting more popular.

  5. I wish I could braid my own hair! I had a friend in junior high that could french braid her own hair back then!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  6. So fun to meet up with a blogger friend! Seeing that picture of Fletcher climbing makes me nervous! Ha Ha! Have a great weekend!

  7. A lightening bug landed on Connor and I thought he was going to pass out and die! He was not a happy kid.


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