Wednesday, June 28, 2017

My Summer Style

I wanted to share my go summer outfits with you today.  I've always loved the idea of doing a capsule wardrobe and the idea of only having things hanging in my closet that I love to wear.  I have been working on cleaning out and weeding out clothing that no longer fits or that I don't love wearing.  It's a work in progress, but it feels so good to have less hanging in my closet and knowing that I really enjoy the things that are there.

These are my must haves for my Summer style:

Olive snapped this picture of us last weekend in the backyard.  I love it and love that she's getting big enough to take pictures.  She was so proud of herself and I appreciate her skills.  I have found some really cute ones at Gap, JCPenneys, Old Navy and TJ Maxx.  I'd always recommend trying on a printed top before judging whether you'll like it.  It's hard to tell how the fabric will flow or how the pattern will look on you without a visit to the dressing room.

top - JCPenneys
skinnies - Walmart
shoes - Sperrys

Kimonos are my summer cardigan of choice.  I love layering them with basics underneath.  I have several and just rotate them.  This is my newest kimono and I think the colors are so pretty!  You can expect to see me wearing this every week from now until it gets cold.  I have had great luck finding kimonos at JCPenneys, TJ Maxx and Wal-Mart.  Check out the junior's sections, swim cover up sections and accessories departments instead of the clothing sections.  Sizing is so very strange on these so be sure to ignore the size and just start trying them on.  I own a variety of sizes and just buy the one that fits me the best.

kimono - TJ Maxx jr section
top - GAP
jean - Old Navy
flats - Target
earrings - Kate Spade

I've got stripes, polka dots, aztec patterns and pineapple prints.  I have found some really cute options at Old Navy, GAP and Target.  I pair them with shorts and skinny jeans.  I'm no fashion blogger so my real life snapshots will have to do for showing my love of patterned tops.

I tend to go for patterned pants and solid tops.  That way I can mix and match in all combinations.  These floral pants from GAP are some of my favorite work out pants.  They're fitted and don't stretch out and they look brand new after lots of wears.  I wear these when I'm home playing with the kids, working out and make sure that I end up wearing real outfits more than yoga pants every week.

top - old?
floral pants - GAP
shoes - Asics

I'd love to add some new distressed skinny jeans to my summer wardrobe or some colored denim, but I haven't found any that fit me well.  I'm looking for pants with a higher waist with some stretch that hold their shape really well.  None of this stretching out huge after one wear business.  Do you have any pants you LOVE right now??

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  1. Cute cute! And you just reminded me that I have yet to wear my kimono, how is that even possible?! I feel like I live a bathing suit in the summer but for me the trick is always making sure I have one fun piece on, preferably two!

  2. I just bought these destructed jeans and LOVE them!

  3. I love all these looks so much! You've got great style! I'm afraid I don't have any distressed skinny jean recommendations- but keep us posted if you find some.

  4. I miss wearing pants in the summer, LOL! It's just too hot to wear jeans. I wear skirts, dresses and shorts until the end of September. Love that kimono on you - it balances out so well with your skinny jeans!

  5. You rock a kimono! I love how you can pair it with jeans and still look so put together. So cute!

  6. For colored denim, you need to check out the Resolution skinny jeans from GAP. They are a high waist (which I need while at school in case I crouch down) and keep their shape! I have an olive green pair and a burnt orange pair for the fall/winter.
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  7. I have no kimonos but would love to add one or two to my wardrobe.

  8. I'm thinking I need some new yoga pants!! Might help motivate me to work out more. I like the kimonos too. I'm trying to do a capsule wardrobe too, since my closet space has dwindled and honestly I don't wear everything.

  9. Kimonos are so great! My distressed jeans were thrifted, so I wish I could give you some ideas!

  10. Old Navy rockstar jeans have some stretch! Also love the high-waisted jeans from J. Crew Factory. I think you look great and I love your style!

  11. Old Navy rockstar jeans have some stretch! Also love the high-waisted jeans from J. Crew Factory. I think you look great and I love your style!

  12. I am in yoga pants 90% of the time I'm at home, but it's too hot in GA to wear pants, hahahaha. I need to find some cute and casual shorts.


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