Monday, June 12, 2017

Favorite Fathers

Father's Day is just a few days away and it's time to start thinking about all the special details for your favorite fathers.  Kevin usually buys golf balls for his dad, I typically do some kind of gift card for my dad and then we try to do things that are Kevin's favorites to celebrate him on Father's Day.  I think that's the key - do what your favorite father LOVES to do and he'll be thrilled.

Here are the things that are on our agenda for the week:

1. Work on some projects around the house.
Painting picnic tables was last week and landscaping is probably in the works this week.  He mentioned the idea of planting a tree for Father's Day so we may be doing some tree shopping.

2. Bake his favorite treats.
Strawberry pie is probably what he'll request.

3. Buy Him Some New Shoes.
Kevin has become a shoe guy over the years.  His current favorites are all Ecco.  He loves the slip ones, these leather laces and the dressier Ecco shoes.  He says they're all very comfy and he usually wears them to death.  We'd highly recommend giving your favorite dad a new pair of Eccos for Father's Day.

4. Visit Him at Work
Head to his office with lunch, stop by with his favorite coffee drink or just to say hello.

 5. Get Outside.
We love to go on walks together so we'll be squeezing as many walks in as possible this week!  We may also visit a park together and definitely play in our backyard.

We'll work hard to plan Kevin's favorite things this week so that he feels special and loved for Father's Day!

What are your plans for Father's Day??


  1. Those are great Father's Day plans! I need to actually sit down and think about what we should do for Drew. We have something special planned for dinner on Sunday, but otherwise I'm just not sure. He'd prefer a day of bicycle riding as his gift, which is fine too. Ha ha!

  2. Love these ideas! I got some fun little gifts ready to give Aaron and we will be having a steak dinner on Sunday! He might not be relaxing very much with our move coming up- but I will be making sure there is plenty of cold beer stocked in the fridge for him to have while he is packing :)

  3. Love all these ideas. My husband requested some new framed pictures of the kids for his office, and I think we will probably also go see cars three on Father's Day. For some reason, going to a movie, of his choosing has become a Father's Day tradition for us, ha ha!

  4. I really need to start thinking Fathers Day. I have a present, but no plans, UGH! With Marissa's birthday on Saturday and Fathers Day on Sunday I REALLY need to do some prepping this week!

  5. I am going to see my Dad this weekend at my parent's house, which is about 90 minutes away. It's been 7 weeks since I've seen him. I miss him so!


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