Friday, June 30, 2017

As Southern As It Gets

Let's talk about all things Southern today.  We lived in the South for two years - Arkansas for one year and Mississippi for one year.  We LOVED so many things about living in the South and the people/traditions of the South.  It really is a super special place and unlike any other area of the country.  It just has a different feel.  Different than out west, different than the Midwest.  It's a special place that will always hold a special spot in my heart.

(Trip to Savannah 2014)

My Favorite Southern Things:

1. Their love for college football, the SEC and tailgating.

2. Southern people know how to throw a good party with so much attention to all the details - the linens, the menu, the cocktails, the dessert.

3. The accents

4. The slow pace of life.  I'd always heard about this, but things truly do move slower in the South.

5. Southern food, Southern cookbooks and the love of enjoying delicious meals together

6. Southern homes and bold decor

7. Friendly conversations everywhere you go

8. Churches everywhere

9. Southern Style.  Big bows, smocked dresses, bold patterns and really dressing up for church.  Sundays in the South really made me smile.  Think hats to church, fancy dresses, special church clothes, etc.

10. Beach access!  I miss living three hours from the ocean.

11. A heart warming abundance of God Bless Yous

12. The flowers and landscaping

13. The Bible studies going on at every single church

14. The manners - yes ma'am and yes, sir - everywhere you go

15. Amazing Chicken - fried chicken, Chick-fil-A, Popeyes

(Olive age 1 in Mississippi posing by our Azaleas)

So naturally, I was excited to dive into As Southern As It Gets: 1,071 Reasons to Never Leave the South to see what he deemed the best reasons to never leave the South.  The book is darling with the plaid cover and it's the perfect size to flip through.  I'm sure any Southerner would enjoy the Southern quotes and reading the list of things in this book.  I found myself nodding my head and smiling throughout the book.  It's nostalgic and current.  You feel heartwarming pride for all of the special Southern traditions that you either grew up with or are able to enjoy when you visit.  The South is special and this book reminded me of all the reasons why I love it.  It's the perfect book to add to your coffee table collection.
*This book was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review from Booklook.

Are you a fan of all things Southern?

What are your favorite Southern things??


  1. And the sweet tea!!! I can't even imagine living with a reasonable drive to the ocean. That alone makes me want to move as far south as possible. This is a great list Whitney.

  2. What a fun post! I definitely agree with you on your entire list and especially on the "yes ma'ams"! That blew my mind when we moved south! I love all the chicken places too ;) I'm going to see if my library has that book!

  3. I definitely need this book! It is SO cute and I'm interested in what the author's reasons are as well. In Georgia (and I'm sure other Southern states too), "Bless your Heart!" is an appropriate response to EVERY situation.
    -I fell and scraped my knee! ...Well, Bless your Heart!
    -I made all A's on my report card! ...Bless your Heart!
    -A loved one passes away...Bless your Heart!

    It literally works for everything!

    And even though I only have two boys, I still believe in the southern saying, "The bigger the bow, the better the mama!"

  4. I love this post! Growing up in Indiana, I always wanted to live in the South. I try not to take it for granted even though this area isn't extremely Southern. Yes to Southern style! I'll never forget my first Clemson football game in 90 degree heat...all the girls were dressed up like they were going to brunch at the country club and the guys wore seersucker and bow ties! I felt so out of place in my jeans and Clemson t-shirt. Ha! :)

  5. Total random but I do not like fried chicken. I don't know what it is about it but I won't eat it at home or out. The closest thing I get it the occasional sandwich from Chick-fil-A.

  6. All of these are so true! I wish we were a little closer to the beach in Kentucky, though!


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