Monday, February 29, 2016

Recipe Round Up: February

Happy Leap Day!  I hope you had a great weekend.  We sure did and I can't wait to tell you about it tomorrow.  A winner was chosen for the PinkBlush giveaway through Rafflecopter yesterday - Congratulations Gina @ Wild Orchid.  Check your inbox for an email from me and respond ASAP!!

I'm excited to share my best recipes with you from this month.  I worked really hard this month to plan delicious meals for dinner, eat leftovers for lunch and to try a mix of old & new recipes.  It was success and we ate well all month.  I picked my very favorite recipes to share with you today.  I try to cook dinner 5 nights a week and then pick a few of my best recipes from the month to photograph and share with you.  It was great to cook big dinners and eat left overs for lunch all month.  It made lunch prep so easy for me.

Hope you find a new recipe or two you'd like to add to your menu:

We bought sour dough bread, deli ham, a variety of cheeses, mustards and jellies and had paninis for dinner several nights this month.  My favorite combo is sharp cheddar cheese, very thinly sliced ham and spicy mustard.

I bought several containers of spinach at Sams this month and tried hard to sneak in the greens.  We had smoothie bowls.  I loved them and my toddler preferred hers in a cup with a straw.  We also had delicious spinach salads all month long.

I made a batch of Mexican Chicken and we ate 4-5 meals from it plus lunches.
My recipe is simple
1 bag boneless skinless chicken
Cook in the crock pot on low for 6-7 hours.
Shred and add your favorite taco seasoning.

We had shredded chicken nacho dip, quesadillas and soft tacos.
They were all delicious and so easy to prepare each night after the first day of prepping the chicken.

My favorite Super Bowl appetizer was this BBQ Chicken Dip!  It was a layer of cream cheese, chicken with BBQ sauce topped generously with cheese.  We dipped tortilla chips in it and it was amazing.  I think you could easily add in caramelized onions and then bake the whole dish to make the cheese bubbly.

This is one of my FAVORITE things to buy at Sams.  It's vegetable Lo Mein and it comes in 6 individual packages.  We enjoyed them for dinner and added in some chicken and we shared them for lunch.  There are TONS of veggies, the seasoning is mild and we add a little soy sauce to finish it off.  The box of lo mein is less than $10 so it's a great, easy meal option.

I thought I'd also share my favorite desserts from the month, too.
We enjoyed lots of sweets for this month of LOVE.

 Pretty Pretzels
I made these for Kevin's co-workers and they were a big hit.
I did caramel twists topped with pecans
mini m&ms and all sorts of other toppings.

 We love Funfetti boxed cake mix with homemade buttercream frosting.
Aren't they the prettiest cupcakes!?!?

6 Cinnamon Rolls
I always make a recipe for a tiny batch because 6 cinnamon rolls seems like the perfect amount. 

A delicious twist on banana muffins

I'm teaming up with
Whitney @ Come Home for Comfort
 February New Recipes
Katie @ Cup of Tea
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 in a RECIPE ROUND UP of our best meals of the month.
Head over to their blogs to see what delicious meals they've been preparing.

We've also started a Pinterest Board called
New Recipes We've Tried and Loved!
Be sure to check it out and get some great ideas for meals at your house.

What's the best recipe you made this month??
Leave a comment below with a link to it 
because I'm always on the hunt for new recipes.


  1. That Lo Mein looks great! I love finding asian recipes to make at home, it's so much less expensive than take-out and healthier!

  2. You did some real cooking this month. All of those things look so delicious. I never think to do chicken tacos and I should because I love them when I go out to eat. We actually did tacos last week and then made taco salads the next night. I love (and really enjoy) leftover taco stuff. That dip also looks amazing. I'm a huge fan of spinach and one of my favorite salads is with spinach, strawberries, and walnuts.

  3. BBQ chicken dip?! I have made buffalo chicken dip several time but never BBQ. I bet the hubby would love this stuff.

  4. Everything looks and sounds so good! I could eat chicken quesadillas every week, and all your taco chicken dishes look right up my alley. Your cupcakes are beautiful! Paul loves cake - me, not so much - so I love to keep cupcakes in the freezer for him. He can pull one out when he wants it and he's happy to top it with cool whip. I need to try some new desserts for next month!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  5. All of this just makes my mouth water! I cannot wait to try several of these in March!

  6. You are a total super star in the kitchen! So many amazing recipes you made this past month! I am so excited to learn about the Lo Mein from Sam's Club- that's one of my favorite dishes! Can't wait to get a package of it the next time we are there!

  7. Mmm, thank goodness it's almost time for lunch because I'm drooling over here! The panini's look amazing (so easy, too!) and I will definitely be picking up the lo mein at Sams next time, YUM!

  8. Kind of jealous about that veggie lo mein!! Our Costco doesn't have anything like that. I'd be wolfing those down all the time. And I'm loving all your spinach applications. I always buy a big tub of spinach every few weeks and it's fun trying to find ways to use it up! :)


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