Friday, February 5, 2016

The Best Parts

It was a great week at our house.  Nothing super exciting, but just lots of good times.  We tried out a new story time, met Kevin for lunch, played with friends and worked on some things around the house.  We DIY'd some valentines and I can't wait to show the finished product to you next week.  We're heading to visit family this weekend and ready to cheer hard for the Broncos and Peyton Manning to win the Super Bowl this year.

1. We met up with some friends for a donut/library date yesterday.  The valentine donuts were delicious and our newly remodeled library was so nice!  We got to go to a story/music time class, play with all of their new interactive toys and explore the space.  We'll definitely be returning on a weekly basis for their programs and fun things.

2.  We got to pick up this handsome guy for a quick Jimmy Johns lunch date this week.  There's one right next to campus so it worked out perfectly for us to grab him in between classes.  Olive has finally decided she's a fan of JJs and happily shared my sandwich with me.  As soon as my food was gone, she moved over to sit by her favorite person.

3. I love making holiday themed food so it was a ton of fun for me to do a valentine themed snack for our play date with friends and then make a valentine themed salad for myself.  Pretty food just tastes better.  So far we've enjoyed these two things, some valentine donuts and brownie cookies.  I've got the urge to make some cream puffs next week!

4.  We made our Valentine's this week and Olive spent an hour painting them.  Anything that entertains a toddler for an hour is amazing in my books!  I picked the colors and painted a few hearts where she told me to, but she insisted on painting herself.  She'd shoo me away if I got too close to her masterpieces :)  I pinned several cute DIY valentine ideas, but ultimately decided to let her do her own thing.  She had a great time and I didn't stress about how anything was coming together.  Win-win!  They dried overnight and are ready to be delivered/sent out to family & friends.  I'll be sure to show you a picture after we've gotten ours in the mail.

5. Our house hunting is going really well and we're starting to think about fun things to add to our backyard.  Olive did a little house hunting of her own while we were at Sams this week.  She was ready to move right into this darling house.  Her birthday is at the end of May so we'll have to seriously think about some backyard toy options this year.

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I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!!
Do you have any fun Super Bowl plans??


  1. We actually have that little house from Sam's and it is the funnest little playhouse! Very well made too :)

  2. What a busy week! Those strawberry hearts are ADORABLE. Soo glad you're house hunting is going well. Yay!

  3. That playhouse is too cute!! i had one as a kid and I LIVED in that thing.. every chance I could get outside and be in my "house" I did!!!

  4. I wish they made that playhouse in my size. I love the benches on the front. Jack has a swing set with a small house on the top and he calls it "my house" so I know he would love this. That salad looks amazing. I love strawberries in my salad so I know I would love this. Your library looks very neat. I beat Olive really enjoyed those interactive toys. Have a great weekend. Go Broncos!

  5. A donut library date sounds about perfect to me!!

  6. I love how she's eating donuts with a spoon. Such a lady! ❤️ That plays house is adorable. We've been looking at different options for our backyard as well.

  7. I love the heart strawberries! Getting a new back yard is so fun! We got a nice play set off of craigslist when we moved to our new place and the boys LOVE it! Have a great weekend!

  8. What a fun week! I love that picture of Olive peeking out of the playhouse window. <3 When I was little, my Pappa built me a playhouse complete with a front porch. My sister and I LOVED playing in there for many years. I bet Olive would have a blast! Good luck with your house hunting and Go Peyton! :)

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  9. Oh my heart, that playhouse! It's absolutely darling. Olive needs that in her new backyard ... and Camille needs one too!

  10. Jimmy John's has good sandwiches. Good luck with the house hunting. When my kids were younger, I often took them to the kids' programs.

  11. Yay for donut/ library dates, I could go for one of those myself. That little play house is just the cutest thing! We never got a play house but our swing set has a fort on top and below so it doubles as our play house/pirate ship!


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