Monday, February 8, 2016

Get Well Soon Wishes

Happy Monday!  Hope you had a great weekend.  We had fun visiting with family and friends and were THRILLED to see Peyton Manning & The Broncos win Super Bowl 50.  He's my favorite so I'm anxious to see what the future holds for him.  We also ate lots of delicious game day foods and are excited to see some snow in the forecast for the week.

Now on to an easy DIY project for you today...
It seems like each week someone in my extended family or one of our friends is sick lately.  So I wanted to find some cute get well soon cards to mail out.  I wasn't able to find any affordable, cute options so I made some of my own.  Olive helped a bit, but I did most of the work during her nap time one day.  Sometimes it's nice to do just do a project on your own.

blank note cards & envelopes
solid color bandaids - Dollar Tree
google eyes - Dollar tree
Elmer's glue
*iced coffee definitely helps the creative process :)

The most time consuming part of the process is unwrapping each bandaid.  Those things are not easy to open quickly.  Go ahead and stick on all of the bandaids.  I put two on each card and did a variety of horizontal and vertical options.

Put 4 dots of glue on and then attach the eyes.
Go ahead and do the writing on the card next and then
they'll need to dry for several hours.

Olive woke up from her nap and was eager to count the eyeballs :)
I made about 20 cards so I'm all set and ready to send some get well soon wishes your way.
 I love sending real birthday cards through the mail and I love these Wal-Mart sets.  They are $1.88 for TWELVE cards.  The designs are really cute and they have 4 different packs of birthday cards.  They also carry blank cards, sympathy cards, thinking of you, etc in these same sets.  I found them on an end cap in the party aisles. 


  1. Thank you for these great ideas! I plan on doing both!!

  2. Those are super cute! I need to be better about sending cards out!

  3. Those are so cute! And what an awesome deal on those Walmart cards - you really can't beat that.

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  4. Absolutely adorable! These would definitely brighten my day if I received them when sick. Thanks for the idea :)

  5. I loved my band'aid get well card. It was so cute.....You're so thoughtful....GLAD YOU HAD A FUN WEEK'END.......GRAM

  6. Those are the cutest get well cards I've ever seen, seriously!!!!! You are so thoughtful... I'm sure whoever received those cards felt very loved. xoxo

  7. Super love this card! So dang cute!!! I am pinning this for sure.

  8. These are too adorable! And so very happy to see the Broncos win last night - I really think that was Peyton's final game, so it was great to see him go out on top!

  9. I had no idea about the Wal-Mart 12 pack!!! I've added the item to my list for shopping this week!!

  10. I, too, like to send real cards for birthdays, sympathy, etc. I think it's personable. Those Get Well Cards you created are super cute.

  11. Oh goodness that is just the cutest idea ever! LOVE these Whitney.


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