Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday Talk: How to Win My Heart

(The Bellagio in Vegas 2010)

Since it's the month of LOVE, I'm going to be talking about the ways to win my heart today.  My husband and I have been married since 2004 and have known each other since we were 5.  We have spent tons of time together over the years and share many of the same memories of growing up.  He's the sweetest and goes above and beyond to be a thoughtful husband.

The Way to My HEART:

Volunteering to take over dinner duties for the night.  
It usually means he's grilling or picking up take out on the way home from work.  Both are fine by me.  He's memorized my favorite orders from local places so he can just stop in and order for me.  I used to feel like I had to make dinner every night, but then I realized that it really helped me out.  So we happily take him up on his dinner suggestions.

 Taking the time to teach me the rules of college & NFL football games
I knew nothing about football when we got married so it was quite an undertaking of patience to teach me all the ins and outs.  Now we watch TONS of football together, go to games and really enjoy the time together watching our teams.  We even played Fantasy Football together one year and he was such a good teacher that I won our league!

Planning fun trips for us - cruises, beach trips and weekend getaways
Kevin is in charge of finding great deals on hotels and dining and I look for tourist attractions.  We both enjoy traveling together and have explored everything from San Fransisco, National Parks out west to the beaches in the Gulf.  He maps out our routes, does 100% of the driving and makes sure that we're packing as much fun into the trip as possible.  I pack the snacks, pack our bags and get the car loaded up for the adventure.

He buys special treats for Olive when he's out and about.
He'll make grocery store runs and come home with things like giant chocolate Santas or heart containers full of valentine m&ms for our daughter.  I almost always skip over those things and he loves to bring her surprises.  They went grocery shopping together not too long ago and she came up with a bag of bite sized Nutter Butters and a goldfish container for her goldfish crackers.  He's thrilled to find her something fun and it makes me happy to see them get so excited over these surprises.

Picking up party supplies on clearance because he knows I'd love them
He scooped up some Notre Dame plates and napkins this Fall because he thought I'd like them for our tailgating parties.  He was right and I was so excited to pull them out for our tailgating parties.

Paying attention to my preferences and little details
He fills my drink with as much ice as possible and then adds the drink, picks up our favorite ice cream flavors, compliments my cooking and requests his favorites, and knows I'm always hot so he sets the thermostat accordingly.  He is really great at paying attention to little details.  For example, He memorized my ring size so that when he proposed he already knew what size to have my ring sized to fit me.  He said that he knew I'd hate giving it up to be sized so he figured he'd just make sure it fit ahead of time.  Another example - If I change lipstick shades, eye shadow colors or make up he notices right away and comments.  I usually have to think if I changed anything up, but he'll notice right away. 

He appreciates and thanks me for my SAHM status
Kevin knows that I loved my years in the classroom so he's always quick to point out how great of a teacher I am to our daughter.  He works hard so that I can stay home with our kids and often comments that my new job is a tough one.  It's nice to feel appreciated and supported as we're raising a young family.

Straightening our bedding
I like all of our covers tucked in and straightened so he does this for me every night.

Saving room for dessert
Kevin wasn't a big dessert eater growing up and desserts are my very favorite.  He's become quite a dessert fan and loves eating a fun treat with me.  He'll save room for dessert if we go out to a nice dinner, request a fun dessert during the week or even picked up ice cream sundaes for us on a rare night that he had to work late.

He encourages me to try new things and be brave.
 I am a creature of habit and would easily be content just keep doing the things I know I already like.  Kevin is much more of an adventurer.  We were on a cruise for our 30th birthdays and he scoped out this Mexican resort in Cozumel.  It had great reviews so he bought us a day pass while our ship was at port.  The skies were overcast, the taxi ride situation was shady and I was ready to abandon our plans.  He encouraged me to keep the plans and try it out.  We had an amazing time and that day was some of our best memories from the trip.  He was right and I appreciate him putting up with my stubborn self.

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  1. love when people volunteer to cook ;) its so simple right?! happy tuesday whitney!

  2. These are all so sweet!! Sounds like he really knows your love language!! I'm a sucker for any night Neal will cook dinner too.. and it's usually something quick and easy, but hey.. it gets me out of the kitchen!!

  3. This is great and I love your picks! It's so important to take notice of the little things that show just how well someone knows you, and how they demonstrate their love! Very sweet!

  4. Such a sweet post Whitney. It sure does sound like you have yourself a keeper :). All of those little things really add up.

  5. Love this! You have a keeper for sure!


  6. Go Kevin! Keep up the great work! I'm sure he could make quite a list about you :-)


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