Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tuesday Talk: Pie Perfection

I love all desserts, but pie has a special place in my heart.  I'm going to blog about some of my favorite things this week since it's my birthday week.  I really love most pies and thought it was the perfect time of year to share my tried and true tips to help you achieve PIE Perfection!!

I often hear that people are so intimidated to make pies.

They really are not that difficult once you've gotten the hang of a homemade crust.  The filling goes quickly and you end up with a tasty treat.  People often go the store bought route with pies and then wonder why no one raves about their pie.  I guarantee if you bring a homemade pie, people will love it!  I will say that if your only option is a store bought pie, then an Apple Pie from Sams is the way to go.  It's definitely the best store bought pie I've ever had.

I almost always get compliments on my pie crust - the taste and the look.  My recipe is really easy and my MIL gets the credit for teaching me the art of pie crust making.  I enjoy making pretty pies so I don't mind spending a few extra minutes to jazz up the crust a bit.

 I always mix my pie filling and then set it off to the side while I work on the crust.

My go to pie crust recipe:
1 1/4 c flour
1/2 t salt
1/2 c shortening
3-4 T water
Combine all ingredients with a pastry cutter and form into a ball.
Bake at 450 for 10-12 minutes
if your pie recipe requires a baked crust.
Pecan pie calls for an unbaked crust.

PIE Perfection Tips for you:
Use ice cold water for the crust.
Combine with a pastry blender by hand.
Refrigerate the dough for 10-15 minutes to get the crust cold.
Roll it out on a lightly floured surface.
If you don't use any flour on the counter, your crust will stick.
If you use too much flour, then you'll have a dry crust.

Roll the dough out evenly.
Lay your pie plate on top of the rolled out crust to ensure that it is in fact big enough to fill your whole pie plate.  You don't want to have to roll it out more than once.
Fold it into fourths and lay it in a greased pie plate.
Bonus points if it's your Mamaw's pie plate.

Unfold your crust and push it flat against the pie plate.

Trim off all of the edges that hang over the pie plate with a butter knife.

Go around the edge and even things out with your hands making a uniform surface.

This step is a little tricky to show since I was a one woman baking and filming crew.
Use both hands to form the edges of the pie crust.
I use my thumb and pointer finger of my left hand and my pointer finger of my right hand.
 It makes the prettiest crust and canvas to customize for any holiday.

I opted to cut out fall leaves & acorns.
I placed them in three groups of four around the crust.
To ensure that they stay attached while baking, add a drop of ice water to the shape before you stick it onto the pie crust.  Then push the shape into the crust to make it stick.
I also add the shapes onto the pie BEFORE putting in the filling.

Bake and let cool.

Dear Abby's Pecan Pie Recipe:
1 cup white corn syrup
1 cup brown sugar
1/3 t salt
1/3 c melted butter
1 t vanilla
3 whole eggs
1 1/2 cup chopped & whole pecans

Bake in an unbaked pie crust for 60-70 minutes at 325 until pie is set.

Pie crusts are really a one person job so I had to get creative to include my sweet toddler in the process.  She always wants to help mama.
Here are my tips to include your kids in the pie making process:
Give them similar supplies/tools and a station to work at.  
Olive had mini cookie cutters like mine and a spot right next to me to work.
Let them help stir the filling.
I'd already mixed the filling while she was napping so it was easy to have her help me stir the finished product.  She was pleased as punch to have this job.
Let them play with the extra pie dough to cut out their own shapes.
Flour is always fun
A small measuring cup of flour will keep them occupied.  It gets a little messy, but I showed her several ways she could play with the flour if she started making it snow flour :)

She was thrilled with the entire process and kept saying, "I makin pie!"

 I am ready to make the pies for our Thanksgiving gatherings this year!
Do you have any special pie tips for ME??

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  1. Confession: I've never made a pie with homemade crust before! It definitely seems a bit intimidating as a first timer! I should make this pecan pie for my husband though, it's his favorite :)

  2. I took a pie baking class way back, and that was pretty much the only time I've made a rolled out crust. I really should give it a whirl again!

  3. Love the Toddler Tips! What a fun way to incorporate little hands :) I just really dislike rolling things out... cookies... pie crusts... you name it. HA! You'd think it would be therapeutic!

  4. I have never made my own pie crust. I'm guilty! I usually buy my crusts. I'm not a huge pie fan, except for pecan. I love pecan pie! Thanks for sharing. I've pinned it now so have no excuse to make my own crust.

  5. Looks beautiful! Sometimes my crust rolls out smooth and lovely, other times, ends up in the trash. I use to make them a lot, now, not so much. I must be out of practice.

  6. Great tips! I have been making pies since I was 13 and often find people to be intimidated too! I also chill my shortening for a bit before I start. Love you fancy crust and your little helper is super cute too!


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