Friday, November 13, 2015

Random Ramblings

I have a whole lot of random things to share with you today...

// Olive dreams of being a future jockey.  She eagerly jumps on every horse toy she sees.  I get the urge to have an allergy attack when I even think about a future of horse riding for her.  I hate to burst her bubble, but I think she's going to be far too tall for that.

// My husband informed me that the latest college girl uniform is YOGA PANTS and that he thinks none of them actually do yoga in their yoga pants.

// I keep seeing the comment Bye Felicia or other Felicia related statements.  What is this from and what am I missing because I don't get it?

// I'm tired of hearing about the red cups at Starbucks this year.  I thought they were boring and a little too plain for my taste, but I don't base any of my beliefs or life decisions on my coffee container.

// I found Olive "cleaning" the bathroom mirror and Lord knows what else with my TOOTHBRUSH this week!  She was so proud of the watery mess saying, "I cleaning mama!  So pretty!"  I promptly tossed my cookies toothbrush, got out a new one and hid it from her reach.  #howlonghasthisbeenhappening

// My husband is the king of getting bad haircuts.  He hates to pay more than $20 for a cut, jumps on any chance to use a haircut coupon and as a result often comes home hanging his head with a botched haircut.  I used to blame it on the fact that he wore glasses and was nearly blind when he took them off to get his hair cut.  Now that he's had vision surgery, he really has no excuse.  He's got very fine, very straight hair, with several cowlicks and is often baffling stylists.  He'll give them some direction and then they just start cutting away.  He isn't thrilled, but doesn't know how to tell them to fix it.  Then he comes home and asks me to fix it.  I have zero hair cutting skills so this never ends well.  This week he came home with a great haircut and was so proud of himself.  Thank you Jesus for Ashley!  She did a great job, he remembered to ask her name and has plans to return only to her.  Dare I say we've turned a hair cutting corner??  

// We went to lunch with my parents and I excused myself to use the restroom before we left.  Olive announced to the waitress, "Mommy went potty."  No secret is safe with her these days.

// Olive's favorite song to sing along with and dance to is Maroon 5's Sugar - does that make me a bad mom?  Or does the fact that she bust out in full on dance moves to anything Meghan Trainor sings?  We never listen to Ms. Trainor, but Olive likes her style.

// I've started scoping out boy bedding options and why does every boy bedding retailer have 6 boy options and 60 girl options?  I never realized the discrepancy until I started shopping for my little boy.  Hmmm I'm going to have to get creative, but you better believe his nursery will be perfect :)

// A couple times a week Olive and I will stop in to see Kevin at work.  We don't get out of the car, we just call and see if he's available to come down and say hello.  Sometimes we bring a little snack or a treat to spice up his days.  The other day I gave him a kiss goodbye and one of his co-workers shouts out I caught you smooching!  My face turned BRIGHT red and I was so embarrassed.  So much for PDA.

// Olive and I were shopping at Sams picking up our produce for the week (along with a soft pretzel and ice water).  We finished our shopping and were checking out.  Olive insisted on holding our cup of water (no lid) and I got distracted with the whole check out process.  I hear a crash/splash and then Olive says Whoops Accent Mama!  Accent = accident and I look over to see a puddle of watery ice everywhere.  Our cashier starts to clean up.  I have nothing to help out.  The manager comes over to help.  I scold myself for letting her keep the cup.  She tells everyone, "Thanks for cleaning up my accent.  Thanks nice lady."  It was cute, kind of.

// Have you heard Alanis Morissette's updated Ironic lyrics?  They are hilarious 

Tell me a good story or a funny update in the comments :)


  1. Too funny about the call-out with the kiss! We love the song Sugar, too! I don't feel like I have any funny stories... my life right now is lacking sleep and full of our middle child throwing fits about eating his Halloween candy!

  2. Sorry somehow my commented duplicated!
    Bye Felicia is from the movie Friday. Google has all the info! Happy Friday!

  3. Haha your little girl is at such a fun age right now. The toothbrush thing is hilarious in hindsight, but maybe not so much when you start wondering how long ago she started messing with it.

  4. My younger son would ask me whenever I was going to to bathroom "Are you going to go poop or pee?" It wasn't a fun question in public. I'm assuming I asked him that a lot so he got his rudeness from me!

    Glad Olive was caught cleaning with your toothbrush so it didn't continue in secret! Haha.

    I know about the baby boy options! It takes more work to kind the cute stuff. I love getting inspiration from Land of Nod but have yet to commit to their prices.

  5. Never a dull moment,but with a 2 yr old who expects one?..Enjoy your blogs so much..They are a fun read and keeps me in touch with what is going on....Love gram

  6. Wait? You're supposed to do yoga in yoga pants? That was not on the tag. :)

  7. Instead of "accent", Jack automatically says "I sorry". It's pretty cute! Did Kevin get embarrassed by being called out about the PDA? I would have. I get embarrassed pretty easily. Boys get the short end of the stick when it comes to styles. Trying to find something that is not a character is super hard. I want cute yet not tacky. Can I have that please?

  8. Abigail was brushing her hair with her toothbrush and she's five sooooo yeah. Gross. Glad my toothbrush is far away from hers.

    I'm a super easy blusher too. I have always hated that about myself, but eh, what can you do.

  9. Hahaha I am dying about the toothbrush! Ahh kids are just full of craziness! Excited for your little boy and can't wait to see what you come up with for the nursery!

  10. I hide my toothbrush too. Caught my gal cleaning too many things with hers. Yuck!
    I'm so with you on the whole "Felicia" thing. My teen says it all the time. I guess I'm just old!

  11. I am continually shocked at the number of students on my campus who wear real clothes to class. If yoga pants had been a thing in my undergrad days, I would've worn them 100% of the time.

  12. Lol love the randomness. The toothbrush story, I couldn't help but laugh over and the haircuts, yes been there done that. Russ HATES paying for haircuts so guess who gets to cut his hair?! ME! I am not a trained beautician and I just know someday I will be buzzing it all off because I goofed up, oh well.

    Happy Birthday sweet friend. Hope you had a great weekend.


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