Friday, November 13, 2015

The Best Parts

This week flew by for me and we had lots of fun.  I'm excited for my birthday on Monday and am looking forward to some birthday festivities this weekend :)

The best parts of our week were...
1. These gray booties are my very favorite shoes of the season.  They go with everything, are so comfy and I love the zippers.  I found them for a great deal at our new Meijer and I find Olive strutting her stuff in them all the time.  Don't ask her to wear boots her size, but she sure loves mine.  I'm still on the hunt for the perfect brown pair.

2. I'm loving my Thanksgiving chalk boards this month.

3. Christmas shopping is in full swing at my house.  I've been taking care of lots of things on-line, running errands to get things and mailed out our Cousin Christmas exchange letters this week.  There are 8 (with one on the way) little cousins on my side so we draw names and shop for another cousin.  It's so sweet and I love writing the letters.  The holidays are so much fun.  Check back next week for some shopping ahead tips and ideas for organizing your gifts early. 

 4. We went to a play date to The Bouncin Barn and had a blast.  I met lots of new moms and Olive climbed, jumped, bounced on everything possible.  She mostly ignored the "baby area" and headed to the tippy top of every inflatable.  Thankfully some of the big kids showed her the ropes. 

 5. This is my first birthday back in Indiana after 11 years away so my sister and I made plans to spend a day together instead of giving gifts.  Great idea huh?!?!  She came up, we shopped, ate Panda and had a great time.  Olive says it best, "Aunt Haley is so fun!"

Any fun plans for your weekend?  
I'm going to be eating out, getting Cheesecake Factory cheesecake for my birthday dessert, doing some birthday shopping, relaxing and hanging out with my parents.  It should be a blast!


  1. what a fun week...and girl. your drawing skillz! good work. come do my chalkboard. it said happy mother's day until a few weeks ago. whoops! happy weekend and thanks for linking up!

  2. Loving your awesome chalkboards and those cute gray booties. I'm ready to start making my Christmas shopping lists now, but haven't bought gifts yet. Walking through Target yesterday really got me in the mood!!!

  3. Love those gray boots! What a cute pic!

  4. Your little one is so adorable!
    now Ithink I may need panda express for lunch. Ug...

  5. I plan on working on Christmas stuff, cleaning, watching Trainwreck, starting my new book, and relaxing every moment I can. It sounds like you have a pretty cool sister. Enjoy your prebirthday weekend!

  6. I love your gray boots with the zipper! So cute! I picked up a pair of black booties at TJMaxx this week - my first foray into the world of booties. :) I love Panda Express...we don't have one here so I jump at the chance to eat there when I can. If yesterday was your birthday, I'm sorry I missed it! Happy birthday weekend, friend!!!!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  7. I'm obsessed with your chalkboards! We just got a Panda here this week, and I am sooo excited about it :) Hope you have a great week!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass


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