Monday, November 23, 2015

4 Things

Happy Monday!!  Hope you had a great weekend and are excited for some Thanksgiving festivities this week.  I'm mostly excited about pie and some delicious meals with our families.

I was inspired by the 3 Things posts I see Momfessionals writing so I thought I'd do one of my own today (except I don't care for odd numbers so I opted to go with four things).
Here are 4 things that are true for each of us RIGHT NOW. 

1. The declared the best part of his job is that he gets to read all the time - for pleasure, for class and in his area of expertise Psychology.  This is also the guy who often took 21 credit hours per semester in college because "Did you know that they charge you the same tuition if you take 18 or 21 hours?!?"  He's a cute nerdy guy :)

2. He loves sampling craft beer and gets so excited to hunt down a new variety.  He'll text pictures of his latest IPA finds to friends and it's his favorite hobby.  Our fridge has a craft beer section and he's pretty proud of it.

3. Kevin has recently discovered Starbucks Iced Coffee in the glass bottles at the store.  The Coffee + Milk version is his favorite and I've only seen them sold individually.  It's low calorie - 100 calories per bottle and it's $1-$1.50 a bottle.  Much cheaper than swinging through Starbucks every day and they are actually delicious.  I'm not a huge coffee drinker, but these are tasty.

4. Thankful for: slip on dress shoes.  He's gotten several pairs lately and has decided that they are far superior to other dress shoes.

1. I am thrilled to have reorganized all of my Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving decor in storage containers.  Most people get excited to buy Halloween candy or costumes on clearance, but I get excited to buy holiday storage bins on clearance.

2. I'm starting to think about fake wedding ring shopping - my wedding band is getting tight and I don't think it's going to remain on my finger for my whole pregnancy #2.  I'm excited to pick out a new, fake set to wear for a while :)

3. This is my 20th week of pregnancy and I had a mini panic moment because A. this pregnancy is flying by, B. we're going to have a new baby at our house in less than 20 weeks and C. Am I ready to be responsible for two little people??  Hopefully, yes and hopefully we start getting some baby related things done soon.

4. Thankful for: All of our upcoming holiday plans with family.

1. She refuses to wear any pants that aren't leggings.  I put her in a pair of pants with ruffles at the feet the other day and she laid on the floor refusing to move until they were removed from her body.

2. She is currently working hard to memorize lines of songs, phrases and repeats everything she hears.  She twirls around singing songs and dancing all day.

3. Olive has been on art making machine lately.  She found out how to get paper from our printer, colors beautiful masterpieces in her preferred medium of crayon and then sweetly demands I hang them up.  She has currently covered the bulletin board over my desk, our fridge, I've mailed out a huge stack to family members and we are working on Thanksgiving cards now.  I think I'll have enough to wallpaper her bathroom with them by the end of the year.  It's very sweet and fun to see her being so creative.

4. Thankful for: Bath time and always asks when we are going back to the ocean.

What's something that's true for you right now??

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  1. I think shopping for a fake rock was a super fun outing! Mine from my last pregnancy was my favorite! Such a fun post!

  2. This was so fun to read! Loved hearing more facts about your hubby - that college credit thing is hilarious! Love it! Please show us when you find a new fake wedding band - that's kinda fun! :) Happy Monday!

  3. How fun to shop for a fake ring! I bought new storage containers for my fall stuff too, and I'm so excited to put everything away so neat and perfect today! :) Planning and organizing are the best parts of any activity!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  4. What a fun post to start this festive week! I can't believe you are halfway through this pregnancy....time sure is flying by. I can't wait to see all the baby boy stuff you have planned to do. Olive is crafty like her mama! Happy Monday :)

  5. Haha Olive sounds like a girl after my own heart - leggings over jeans all day, every day! ;) So funny! Can't believe you're already to 20 weeks either, seems like you just were making your announcement!!

  6. Love this sweet post about you family Whitney.

    Bad news, my girls STILL complain about wearing pants that aren't leggings. I recently had to tell Marissa she's getting to old for leggings as pants.... I did it much nicer than that though ;).

    Hope you have a great week getting ready for Thanksgiving!

  7. Love getting to know you guys more! Kevin and I share a love of craft brews! Starbucks also has iced coffee in the big milk jug section - which is even cheaper than the individual ones. I like plain, but Dan likes the peppermint mocha. I'm so jealous your pregnancy is flying by, mine seems to be draggggggging. Shouldn't I be like 53 weeks by now? And I guess you've invested in fake rings by now?? :( Olive's number 3 is also Olivia's - with stickers. So much art and so many stickers!! Olivia is not thankful for bath time, but she is thankful for la croix (bubble wah wah).


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