Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Baby BOY Weeks 12-16

 It's time for my monthly baby #2 update :)

Week 12.5 – plum – October 1:
I had a routine checkup today with my doctor.  Kevin came home early to stay with Olive while she napped and I headed out.  My doctor was delivering a baby when I got there so the other doctor in the practice came in to see me.  He said hello, asked me a few questions and did my ultrasound.  He asked if we wanted to find out the gender.  I said yes we’d love to know in a few weeks.  He responded with, “Would you like to know today?”  

I went through every emotion in just a few seconds – shock, confusion, excitement and anxiety because Kevin and Olive were supposed to go to the gender appointment with me.  So I said, “Isn’t it too early to tell?”  He said it was early, but he had a pretty good look and could tell me today.  He said everything looked great, the heartbeat was great and he was really pleased with what he saw.  I said great!  He zoomed in and asked what I saw.  Honestly, it was hard to tell but it looked like a clear shot of a boy part between two legs.  I said Is it a boy?  He said you are correct.  I could hardly believe my ears.  So I asked him how sure he was that it was a boy.  He responded with “Ms. Whitney, in my experience penises rarely disappear.  I’m sure it's a boy.”  He printed off three pictures for me.  One of the baby’s profile, one of the boy parts and one that I’m fairly certain is a cat.  He left the room, I gathered my things, kept looking at pictures of my baby boy and scheduled my next appointment.   I headed to my car smiling in disbelief. 

I had no idea it was even a possibility to find out the gender so early so I was still in shock.  My next moment was spent thinking of ways to tell Kevin.  He would not be expecting any gender news so I texted him things were looking great and I’d be home in a bit.  I decided to run into Kroger to get several blue things to give Kevin.  I’d say I got him some snacks to thank him for helping out with Olive during the day and share the news.

I picked up blueberries, Blue Moon beer, blue Gatorade, Reese’s pumpkins, blue & green pacifiers and a tiny It’s a Boy balloon.  I checked out quickly, got carded for the beer because “I don’t look anywhere near 33” bless you saleslady and headed home.  Olive was still asleep so the timing was perfect.  I told Kevin I picked up a few treats for him and gave him them one at a time.  I could tell that he thought it was a weird assortment.  I saved the balloon until the end and asked him if he noticed a theme with the other items.  He did not.  Typical guy :)
I gave him the last clue the It’s a Boy balloon.  He was shocked.  He had a million questions and mostly wondered how we could tell so early.  I showed him the ultrasound pictures and we let the news sink in.  Olive was going to have a little BROTHER!  We gave her the balloon when she woke up and told her she was getting a brother.  She smiled and said “brudder”.  She loved looking at the ultrasound pictures.

We decided to hold off announcing the boy news until we had another ultrasound at the end of October just in case.  At home we’ve been talking about little brother and thinking in terms of having a boy.   What fun, unexpected news today!! 

Week 13 – peach – Oct 5:
We announced to all of our family, friends and on-line that we are having a baby!  It was so fun to share our great news and get such sweet reactions from everyone.  We mentioned to our parents that it looked like we were having a boy, but wanted to wait for another ultrasound to confirm.  Kevin told his co-workers so our baby secret is out for the whole world to know.
Meat still sounds delicious – we had ribeyes and burgers this week.

Week 14 – lemon – Oct 12:
Hello 2nd trimester!!  It’s exciting to be at this point in my pregnancy.  I’m feeling pretty good.  My hips are feeling sore, I wake up occasionally with carpel tunnel/tingly arms and have been having headaches.  Nothing too terrible and very similar things to my 1st pregnancy.
Kevin surprised me with a fun package from Target filled with BOY clothes.  He picked them all out himself and it was cute to see him select things for our little guy.  He tracked it online and then texted me that there was a package on the doorstep for me.  It's so fun to see tiny baby boy things at our house.
Craving: comfort foods – mac & cheese, chicken and dumplings, biscuits and mashed potatoes

Week 15 – orange – Oct 19:
We tailgated for homecoming and had a great time.  I had my first non-family member touch my belly this week.  It kind of freaked me out and reminded me of how awkward that is.  I’m sure it won’t be the last time that happens.
I pulled out my maternity clothes this week and it was fun to look back through them.  I am excited to be pregnant in the exact same seasons as last time.  I think I’ll add a few pieces to my wardrobe and rewear everything else.
I'm feeling great.  Not nearly as sleepy and basically back to normal minus a growing baby bump.
Cravings: Halloween candy - DOTS, comfort food, pizza, cereal and ice cream

Week 16 – avocado – Oct 26:
Random hip pain, itchy belly, carpel tunnel/numb hands and hungry 24/7
We had a lot of Halloween fun this week.  It was great to make treats, go to fun festivities and enjoy the holiday.  I'm wearing all maternity pants or leggings now.

We had a check up with the doctor and the whole family came.  Olive was on her best behavior and loved the entire appointment.  She was really into seeing the baby on the screen and pointing out the features - head, arms, hand, legs, etc.  The doctor took the time to make sure she could see and point out the features to her.  Baby boy was super cooperative, had a heart rate in the 140s and showed off for his photo shoot.  He waved, sucked his thumb and made sure we could easily confirm that he was a BOY.  The doctor was so sweet to include Olive and talk her through the images, print out tons of pictures for us and I'll always treasure the memories from this visit.

Craving: cheese burgers, salty food and Halloween candy

I'm enjoying my 17th week right now.
This 2nd pregnancy seems to be flying by :)


  1. How sweet of Kevin to pick out some stuff for the baby! And I had two unrelated friends whose parents were told they were having a boy until both of them came out girls.

  2. That's cute he picked out stuff. Haha it seems that guys never get themed stuff lol.

  3. Ahhh! Congrats on baby BOY! That's so funny your doctor told you so early and when you totally weren't expecting that to be on the table yet- I can only imagine your reaction (and possible confusion!) at having that come up at that appointment! HAH! That's adorable that Kevin picked out baby clothes on his own - sweet daddy getting excited for his boy!

  4. This is so cute. I LOVE how you told Kevin! That is such a fun story!

  5. 1// The line about the doctor being sure he was a boy is too funny. I even had to tell my coworker who is sitting beside me. Such a fun way to tell Kevin (even if he didn't get it right away :)
    You are just going to love being a boy mama and Kevin did a great job picking out boy clothes!

  6. Awwww a little boy! How cute!!! Congrats. P.S. I love everything you dress Olive in!!

  7. Those weekly fruit pictures are just the sweetest ever. Love it.

  8. I'm really enjoying your pregnancy posts! I'm due with baby #1 a week after you so it's fun seeing your journey! Congrats and I love the way you told your husband "it's a boy!"


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