Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thanksgiving for KIDS

I love planning holiday things for kids to do and it was always one of my favorite things to do when I was teaching.  I thought I'd share some turkey activities today that would be fun for lots of ages since Thanksgiving is just one week away!!  I can almost smell the pies baking, the turkeys roasting and all those delicious sides waiting to be eaten :)

Glittery Hand Print Turkey Cards:
We did these hand print turkeys when Olive was an infant.  I used glitter tissue paper and we made Thanksgiving cards for our families.  She loved having her hand traced and I loved documenting her tiny hand.
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Do a Step by Step drawing of a turkey:
Give kids directions one at a time to draw their own turkey.
Something like this could be your inspiration and then it's really fun to see how the kids interpret your directions to make their own unique turkeys.

Water Color Turkeys:
We did this project last year and it was very doable with a one year old.  I let her paint tons of pages of white paper with water colors and then traced her hand print to make turkeys.  She loved painting and the little turkeys made the cutest cards.
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Turkeys in Disguise:
Ask your kids to come up with a costume to disguise their turkey and save them from becoming Thanksgiving dinner.  I'd assign this for homework to my students and they'd come back with the cutest turkeys.  I'd then ask them to write a short story about how their costume saved their life.
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Turkey Recipes According to KIDS:
Ask your kids to write out a RECIPE on how to prepare a turkey.
It's hilarious the things they come up with and their methods for cooking the turkey.
I didn't give much help other than a word bank of ingredient options to my third graders.
You could even dictate the recipe your younger children tell you and then compare it from year to year.  My original post here 

 These are some fun Thanksgiving books to read with your kids

I have plans to do a painting / turkey project with Olive this weekend!

 What fun Thanksgiving inspired things do you do this time of year??


  1. I love these!!! I'm breaking out some turkey crafts tomorrow so these are great! My oldest did the turkey disguise last week and was so fun!

  2. We haven't made hand turkeys yet. I think I'll put that on the list for this week!

  3. So many great ideas! I love the first picture especially!

  4. Both my kids had to disguise a Turkey for school and they had so much fun. Axle's was disguised as Santa and Lee's was disguised as a cupcake!

    I love those glittery handprint turkeys!

  5. Connor has been so anti-craft lately but lovin' reading so we've been doing a ton of Thanksgiving reading this year.

  6. Such great ideas! I love your thankful cards. My daughter does the turkey disguise at school. She turned hers into a sheep this year. I'm going to have to try out the recipe writing. Thank YOU for this great round-up. Pinning!

  7. I love the recipes according to kids. I've pinned to do this next year. I love that you make cards and send. I use to be so good at sending snail mail and I've gotten so behind (maybe it has something to do with the toddler that is standing on the table right now). Love the ideas!

  8. Love them all the Turkey in disguise one is right up Marissa's alley. We may have to try that this week if I can coax her away from her Thanksgiving break ;).

  9. These are the cutest!! I wish I wasn't so behind on the blog world and had seen these earlier!


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