Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter at My House

I just put the finishing touches on my Easter decorations with one week to spare.  Better late than never - right??  I always leave them up for April and a good portion of May so I'll enjoy them for a while.  I take down anything that screams Easter after Easter and leave the rest of the bunny/egg/pastel things up on the account of SPRING.

It's our first Easter in our house so I really enjoyed figuring out where to put my decorations.  I've been collecting decorations for years and were gifted many of them.

I LOVED pulling out Olive's toe-lip painting from last year.  
We compared her feet and she's definitely grown a lot in a year.

 Olive loves carrying around Easter baskets so I put my breakable basket of eggs out of her reach and then put this wicker basket full of plastic Easter toys easy accessible for her.

 These carrots were a souvenir from a trip to Mexico and I wish I'd gotten more.  Kevin thought I was crazy for buying paper mache carrots at the time, but they are lovely and remind me of our fun trip.  I'd also love to make some carrot cake this week for my carrot cake plate.

When my parents came to visit I asked them to bring some of my childhood Easter decorations to me.  My tree needed a bit of a revamp since the white had turned more of a yellow color so my dad spray painted it pink for me.  My parents worked together to make my siblings these Easter baskets to use when we were little.  My dad did all the wood work and my mom painted them.  They've got our name and year 1991 on them.  I remember saving my money to buy this tree and little wooden eggs when I was younger.  I was really fun to decorate my Easter tree again.  
This little Easter table makes my heart happy!!

 I look forward to updating my chalkboard every month.  
It makes me want to make a few more chalkboards for around the house :)

Hope you enjoyed the tour!
What was your favorite decoration?


  1. Everything is so cute! I love decorating for the holidays; it makes it more fun! Love your little chalkboard too :)

  2. You have such a cute collection of Easter decor! Love your tree - I'm hoping to find some turquoise and yellow eggs on clearance next week so I can hang them from a little tree like that. So cute!

  3. I love the troll! It's a great idea to have a basket full of toys for Olive to play with. I need to practice Easter egg hunting with Jack. I have a feeling he is going to see one egg and be facinated with it. I also love the carrot cake stand!

  4. Love the bunnies on the your entry table! And the yellow wreath - PERFECT for spring!:)

  5. Love all your decorations, I really like the yellow wreath too, very Spring like! :)

  6. Loving that pink tree!!!


  7. I love all of the decorations. I don't have enough holiday decorations for each holiday (except Christmas).


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