Monday, March 2, 2015

My March Goals

{Cluster of clovers from our backyard}
Well, February sure flew by for me!  How about you?  I did pretty well with my goals for February and am eager to start a fresh list for this month.  I have lots of things I hope to get done so let's get busy!!

Recap of February 2015 goals:
1. I never got around to making playdough for Olive so that needs to be done this month.  I'm thinking some valentine colored play dough to make pretend cookies with would be a lot of fun.
2. Make a decision about getting a membership to the Children's Museum in Jackson.  It's $75 so I need to decide if I can commit to going enough for it to pay for itself.  They also have a story time on Wednesdays so I think it could be a good thing for us.
3. Make a trip to Lowe's to return a few things & purchase a few more.
4. Continue to read for fun.  I finished three books in January and would like to do the same in February.  I'm currently reading Lara Casey's Make it Happen and loving it.
5. Try two new dinner recipes
6. Make my own valentines to send out to family and friends

7. Make neighbor gifts of candy & cookies for Valentine's Day
8. Make time to do my Bible studies several times throughout the week instead of cramming to do them the days right before we meet again.  Also pray for the prayer requests on my own.

9. Clean out and reorganize all of the drawers in our master bedroom.  I can do most of them, but I'll need my hubby's help for his stuff.
10. Plan a visit for my parents to come to Mississippi.  We are working on this, but I'd love to have it finalized so we can start looking forward to it.
11. Initiate a few play dates/lunch dates with friends
12. Get moving - go for walks, walk at the mall (if the weather is bad), explore new parks and be active every day this month.
March 2015 Goals:
1. Make play dough for Olive - this has been on my to do list for two months now so it WILL get done this month!!  St. Patrick's Day play dough would be lots of fun :)
2.  Make a hair appointment to get some layers/trim
3. Read Jesus Calling every day and continue to work hard on my Bible studies.
4. Plan out some fun things to do (projects, must do items and restaurants to go to with them) when my parents come to Mississippi this month.
5. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day by making cards with Olive to mail to family and friends and make clover sugar cookies for neighbors, friends and Kevin's co-workers.
6. Eat the rainbow - lots of salads, fruits and veggies instead of junk food.
7. Meet Kevin for lunch during the work week
8. Work on having Olive use the potty more during the day
9. Now that I've cleaned out our closets, I need to drop off the donations and figure out my consignment options.
10. Initiate play dates/lunch dates with friends.
11. I've been saving notes, pictures and other mementos from my 9 years of teaching in Utah.  Work on assembling a teaching scrapbook.  I've already gathering the supplies and organized the items so I just need to get everything out and work on putting it all together.
12. Start thinking about Olive's 2nd birthday party at the end of May.  I'm not sure how we are already at this point - wasn't she just born?? :)
13. Hang the gallery wall and other decor in Olive's room.
14. Get moving and take advantage of more daylight this month - go for walks, walk at the mall (on rainy days), explore new parks and be active!

What are your goals for the month?  
Are we working on any of the same things?

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  1. You have a busy month ahead!! Looks like some fun things to come though :)

  2. This is such a great idea to make a list of goals...I am a sucker for a good list!!! PS...I am obsessed with the name stinking cute!!!

  3. You really did do great in February...congrats! I just love a new month full of promise. I am looking forward to the activities you have planned for Olive for St. Patrick's Day. I need to check out pinterest for some toddler fun activities. You always do great stuff so I'll be looking to see what great/fun things y'all do. Although I work during the day, I try and do activities with Jack most afternoons.

  4. You rocked Feb., now go ahead and make that playdoh!! LOL! Happy March to you. XOXO

  5. I love the eat the rainbow ;)

  6. Good luck on your goals! Will you be wearing Notre Dame Irish green on the 17th? ;)


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