Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday Talk Link Up: Chalkboard Eggs

I picked up these DARLING Chalkboard Easter Eggs at Wal-Mart last week.  They were $1.98 for a dozen and they come with a box of chalk.  I couldn't wait to decorate them with Olive.

 I prepped everything at nap time so Olive would wake up and find the eggs to decorate.  My friend Erin calls leaving an activity out for your kids to discover an invitation.  Inviting your children to do an activity that they've discovered has been left out for them.  Olive has loved every invitation that I've done for her so far.  I wanted Olive to find the eggs and start decorating them with just a little help from me.  I knew she'd be a little young for this, but knew that she'd enjoy it with a tiny bit of help.

Oliver wanted in on the action and thought the activity was for him.  Silly boy.

 I put a blanket on the floor so she could sit comfortably while doing her art.

An eye roll when I mentioned chalk wasn't for eating
and then checking out every color of chalk so she knew her options.

At first I held the egg while she colored, but then she quickly realized she didn't need my help.
 Just a few reminders that these weren't EDIBLE eggs and neither was the chalk.
Then she was back to decorating.
 Olive decorated her eggs for at least 20 minutes and would have kept going if we didn't put them away for dinner time.  I'm planning to get them back out and let her color as long as she'd like.

 She decorated most and I did a few for fun.
These eggs were a great activity to do together!!
Kids of all ages would have a great time designing their own eggs.
They wipe off easily so you could decorate and redecorate as much as you'd like.

I'm excited to announce that I got invited to start co-hosting Tuesday Talk with this sweet group of ladies every Tuesday!  Link up ANY post from the week, try to visit a few other blogs and make some new bloggy friends.

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  1. Stopping in from the link up! These are super cute! I am going to have to get some!

  2. Very cool idea! Thanks for sharing! <3

  3. Aw, I love how you set everything up for her so when she gets up from her nap it's all ready for her! She did a pretty darn good job on those eggs, must get her creativity from her mama! Hope you're having a great week and yay for getting invited to be a co-host, that is awesome!

  4. Oh I haven't seen the chalkboard eggs at Wal-Mart. $1.98 is such a great deal! It looks like Olive had the best time with them. I know I would have fun with them myself!

  5. These look really fun! I haven't seen eggs like that before. I am going to get these before Sunday!

  6. Congrats on being the new co-host!! Yay! I need to go hunt for these eggs at my local Walmart. But I saw a small pot of chalkboard paint and foam brushes in the Dollar Bin at Target, and once Elizabeth stops trying to squish/taste everything, that could be fun!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  7. I love love love these! I can't believe Olive did this for 20 minutes - I cannot imagine something holding Olivia's attention for 2 minutes, let alone twenty. I might have to run to target to see if they still have these!

  8. Aaahhhh! So sweet. I saw those to and sadly didn't get them soon enough. Now I am really regretting it looking at your pictures. They look so fun.

    So glad to have you co-hosting with us!


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