Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Frozen Cookie Dough

I've always been intrigued by the idea of frozen cookie dough but never had the chance to give it a try.  I had some free time on my hands recently and decided to give it a go.  I made my stand by Nestle Tollhouse recipe and added some green m&ms.
 Used my cookie scoops to scoop out perfect little dough balls.
 Placed them on wax paper on a cookie sheet.
Be sure that they aren't touching because you don't want them to stick together.
Let them freeze for about 6 hours and then you can put them into storage containers.

Once they are completely frozen, you can start repackaging them.
I used small gladware containers and plastic wrap to make sure they stayed fresh.
I figured I'd share some cookies with my neighbors and by giving them cookie dough they could bake them whenever they wanted a cookie or two.  I almost always give out baked baked goods so this was a little different for me.  I think I'd be excited to receive cookies in any form so I'm hoping they felt the same way. 

I had to try some out for myself so here are my instructions:

Bake at 375 for about 2 minutes longer than you would.
I removed these from the freezer, put them on a greased cookie sheet and let the oven preheat.  When it's preheated put the cookie sheet in for about 10 minutes.  Keep an eye on them because they might need a little longer to brown up.
 Perfectly perfect!!
 Who could you make cookie dough for today???
I'm anxious to try freezing some of my other favorite recipes.
I love having the dough on hand in case I get the urge to make just a few cookies.  Saves me from eating a whole batch and they are so fresh!!  Genius idea I tell you!!


  1. You are seriously SO SWEET! I would love to try this!

  2. That is such a good idea! You can make cookie dough when you have time & then just pop them out when you need to make a batch or two for something! I know I always dropped things on my mom last minute In high school.


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