Monday, February 17, 2014

Local Restaurant Scene

 We are enjoying trying new restaurants in Little Rock.
Here are our latest spots:

Taj Mahal Indian Cuisine
Free Appetizers of Lentil Chips & dips
*a new food that was pretty tasty
mozzarella stuffed naan was ah-mazing!!

 I ordered Chicken Vindaloo and Kevin ordered something Chicken that he request 8 out of 10 on the hot-o-meter.  I requested mine to be very mild and it was HOT HOT HOT.  I ate a small portion drowned in jasmine rice and had 5-6 cups of ice water.  WAYYYYYY too hot for this girl.
 We'll go back, the staff was VERY nice and 
I'll get something much more bland and maybe order two mozzarella naans.

Fantastic China in The Heights
We got take out 
Chicken Lo Mein for me - 
tasty, great chicken & I'd probably ask for more veggies next time
 Kung Pao Chicken for Kevin -
good but not spicy enough for his liking.
 We've already given it another try and made a few modifications to our order.
Everything was perfect!!
The restaurant is darling - maybe Olive will be up for a dinner date and we can dine in next time.

Danny's Burgers
@ Plaza Park Mall 
 Delicious, well done burger and fresh cut fries.
Their drinks & fries have unlimited refills.
So yummy!

Larry's Pizza
multiple locations in Little Rock
 A pizza & salad buffet
We went on a Friday night and there was tons of pizza.  They walk around to your tables and offer piping hot pizza to you.  If you want something else, you head up to the buffet.  Their pepperoni was really good and we both LOVED their BBQ chicken pizza.  They had several dessert pizzas and the staff was really nice.  Olive enjoyed people watching :)  The pizza isn't anything fancy but it was a fun, inexpensive date night.

 We are already working on a list of other new restaurants to try.


  1. My stomach seriously growled reading this! Ha! Mozz stuffed naan? I mean... Wow.

  2. Our Larry's here takes if you want something crazy (like I like pepperoni with pineapple and jalepenos...) they will make it for you at no charge. You can eat the whole thing, or take a couple slices and then they'll put it on the buffet. We LOVE that.


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